Monday, 4 January 2016

Oasis CA (Day 2)

Nope, went nowhere and loved every minute of it. Actually didn't crawl out of bed until about 10:30 am (sorry Cindy....) but after 4 days on the road, which doesn't sound like much, we were loving a sleep in!!

Finally got our Mexican auto Insurance from Lewis & Lewis, out of Los Angeles today. Seems that they "forgot" to send it on to us. Glad Doug got a hold of them and we had it emailed and in our hands by noon today. All ready for crossing anytime.

Spent the better part of an afternoon with two nice ladies. One from Nevada (Danielle) and one from Salt Spring Island BC (Cheryl). Both are friends who met in Mexico. Both drive their own "pleasure way" style vans. Both travel with their trusty dog companions, Yankee and Roxy. They are heading for Mexico as well and we think, they are going to be linking up with Kevin & Ruth in Guanajuato when Kevin & Ruth take over leading a caravan for the month of February (?) Kevin, jump in here......but they are super stoked and we have promoted the "Kevin and Ruth" interest enough that you should be paying us for it!!!! (we will talk later - might cost you a glass of wine!!). Anyway, funny who you meet when you travel, huh?!!

Otherwise accomplished nothing and are proud of it. One load of laundry but I imagine you could go your entire day and NOT know about that, right??!! Well, we did pick some fresh grapefruit by almost flashlight......



Grapefruit inspector Doug.....

Front office at Oasis RV Palms Park
So......lazy day. We are leaving tomorrow and heading for Nogales AZ. This will position us close to the Mexico border for our Wednesday crossing. Not too bad "schedule" wise. We thought we would cross today so we are only two days behind.
So, happy thoughts to all you, family and friends. Already we are missing you but also looking forward to seeing some of you in Mexico. Sorry for all those who had to go back to work today but thanks for keeping the Canadian government pensions alive and well!!
Thought for the Day:  Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted…….John Lennon


  1. Aren't you two on vacation? Doesn't that give you the right to sleep in? We know the feeling after putting serious mileage in so short a time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Sounds like a great day to us! Looking forward to meeting Danielle and Cheryl in Guanajuato.

    We might have to get some of that good Valle de Juarez tequila to share with you when we meet up!

    1. Doug and I were thinking the same thing about the Espuela Tequila too!! Someone get a hold of Barb & Sal!! We need two bottles just for us!!!

  3. Take your time and rest. The roads south of Nogales will take some navigating to avoid the potholes.