Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Day 18 - Mazatlan

It's actually a bit mind boggling to think that we have been here in Mazatlan for 18 days. Wow, how time flies along.....

Just a slow day today. I think we are saving up for family descending on this fine town on Friday. We are pretty pumped to see all that love!!

Just so you all can see the absolute "lap of luxury" that we live in....
my shirts drying up top. Yes, they actually did make it out into the sun later.

Here is "our" resident iguana. He lives about 15 feet away under the neighbouring
cement pad. I prefer to think it is a very regal boy. He stayed like this for a good 15 minutes without moving. Must have been sunning himself or maybe he just had too many of the apple pieces that I tossed over there for him?

Yup, fairly regal looking too, don't you think?

Changed it up and made margaritas today.....
So we are all done for the day. Not everyday in paradise is a home-run type of day, sometimes it's a casual just hanging out day.
Here is a little snippet of our little boys back at home. I think they are pretty ready for a week in the sunshine and sand down here, don't you think??
I know, a couple of hams, right??!!
Peace out, everyone and goodnight!!
Thought for the Day: Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living....A. Williams


  1. The only margaritas we have hank have been at Hank's taco Tuesday. 2 for one. Really a fun night out. We tend to drink ceasars. Some of the best days are those lazing around the home base. Enjoy.

    1. We agree about the lazing around and we seem to have gotten very good at it too!!