Saturday, 9 January 2016

Culiacan to Mazatlan (218 kms/135 miles)

Some days just seem to fly by!! We left the City Express Hotel in Culiacan at about 9:45 am, after a great breakfast  in their dining room (complimentary, of course!). It was only about 2.5 hours to Mazatlan. Yeehaw!!!!
Trying out our new air-conditioning!

Me, with comic relief, Doug with serious driving face......

Once we turn off the Mex 15D, it is about 10 minutes to the north end of Mazatlan.
The big hotel you see on the right, with the towers, is the one we will be staying at with our kids and my mom, starting January 29th (more on that at a later date) for a week!! Riu Emerald Bay....

We checked out three different RV parks. Two of them we were well familiar with. San Fernando, where we have stayed 3 or 4 times. The Mar-Rosa, right on the beach and the Las Jaibas, located up in the new hotel district on the north part of town. We chose the Las Jaibas, hands down. It was much nicer and quieter than the others. San Fernando is pretty crammed with big rigs. They only had two crammed spots. Mar-Rosa just never seems to be right for us, plus the less expensive rows are the furthest away from the washrooms.The Las Jaibas seems to be a good fit for now for us, plus he will give an extra week for storage for free when we are at the resort. Nice for us not to have to move Euri during that time. We are happy to be here. Approximately 6 kms further away than we are used to but it is only about $8 ps (.70 cents) to get to the international market from here. Good deal for us.

Right now, we are sitting on the back side of this little dome, doing the post.
We just run across the little median/highway.....
And go down this walkway to the beach, about 1 minute from the van.....
And this is the glorious sight we see.....not bad, huh??
Looking north towards the Riu Emerald Bay Resort, furthest one away....

...and south, toward town (which is about 8-10 kms away)


...and here they are....foots!

Just a little too much I guess!!

Quite pretty, huh?

So long to a great 2015....and Welcome to an even greater 2016!!!
Here is a quick peak of our digs and the park, with the inside of Euri for your viewing pleasure!! Compact, but here it is, front to back and inside and outside!!

Hung above on the inside is my "picture line" of kids......
Seats are turned around to make our living room...
No one anywhere around us....pretty nice.
Looking down our camp road.
Lots of room if anyone wants to join us!!
Okay, so you are caught up with us. Lots of room here, as mentioned. Come on down!! Tomorrow's plans are just to walk the beach. We will see how long it takes to get to the Riu. After that, who knows?????

Here's to all our grandchildren. We love you all!! Gus, Jasper and the incoming "Blueberry - May 26th). Yikes, soon I will need a bigger beach!!!
 Love from Mazatlan!!!
Peace and good night everyone!!

Thought for the Day: The Beach..….the only place where salt lowers your blood pressure.



  1. After all that traveling to get to your destination it looks like that salt water is helping you to relax.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks Peter and Rick/Kathy - It is very nice here and the beach, like I said above, is only a quick walk away.

  3. Sounds perfect there for you and looks pretty sweet too! Maybe we will check it out on our way back north.