Monday, 9 July 2018

Canada Day Celebrations

Still catching up......Now we are cruising through Canada Day:

We spent Canada Day weekend (July 1st) at my brother, Mark & sister-in-law, Carmen's place at Mable Lake near Enderby BC. We met my Mom, Nadyne up there. What a great time to celebrate family and this great country we live in.

These clouds were to tell the tale of the weekend. Lots of rain, on and off....

Beautiful area....

Happy Canada Day!!

From bottom left.....
Kathy, Jasper, Carmen, Mark, Nadyne, Doug, Jasper & Josh.

Me and my momma.

You can see by the marks on this stump just how 
high the water can get in the early spring!
Jasper, in true fisherman form, underwear fishing.

Carmen & Gus.

Kathy, Carmen and yours truly.

Every party has to have a guard dinosaur on duty.

Out walking on the road behind the cabin....

Yes, puddles. Need I say more?

Carmen has used chalk board paint as her backsplash in her kitchen. Always a container of chalk available. Most entertaining for everyone!!

The "plug-in" centre for all the i-phones and things.

Great Grandma Nadyne, Jasper & Gus.

These boys do love their momma....

My nephew Daniel. The little the boys were fascinated by both he 
and his big brother Justin (below)

My fantastic sister-in-law, Carmen. She just loves having the little guys around 
as it reminds her of when Justin & Daniel were small. Here she is showing them 
how to decorate with the chalk on her backsplash.

We would get moments of sun like this and then the skies would open up.

Gus caught his first fish. He was SO excited.....
Thanks to Daniel for his infinite patience and help!

Great Grandma and her fisherman!!

Great Uncle Mark fried up that trout the next morning for breakfast.

That's a wrap!!

While it did indeed rain off and on all weekend, we still had so much fun at "The Cabin". As always with our group, we ate, ate more and then when we all said "we're so full", we ate even more. Drank lots of good wine, beer and pretty much anything else we could get our hands on. Our sincere thanks to Mark & Carmen for hosting the first annual "Tamas Reunion". Can hardly wait for next year.


Thought for the DayOne of the best feelings in the world is when you hug someone you love and they hug you back even tighter.