Thursday, 28 January 2016

Day 20 - Mazatlan

Feels funny today. This is our last full day at Las Jaibas RV Park. We have really enjoyed our time here and we will definitely be back. Well run, spotlessly clean bathrooms and the day maintenance gent, Raphael is a real gem. The night maintenance and security gent, Henry (Enero) is also a real keeper. They keep this park running the way it should be. Our hats off to them both. After this many days, it feels like we will be leaving one family......

.........FOR ANOTHER!!!!!

Our group arrives here on Friday at 11:25 am. Josh, Kathy & boys, my Mom, Nadyne, Kathy's folks and her three sisters are all coming (brother Ted not coming) and it will be a really great Mexico/homecoming. It probably seems silly to some that we are taking a "vacation" from our "vacation" and I suppose it is but we are REALLY looking forward to some family time and all that the Riu has to offer. We will have to sort out the internet situation when we are there. I will post at least the first day and then play it by "ear" to see how things work. I will keep you all up to date.

Anyway, we will pack up here in the morning and Bill and Carol have graciously said they would drive us up to the Riu. It is only a few minutes away but since we are keeping the van here, with the fridge plugged in for the week until Feb 5th we don't have anyway to hoof up there with all our crap. We return here on the 5th and immediately head out for points further south. Should be very fun and we are really looking forward to that.

So, today's happenings......

Last few pictures of Euri, parked here at Las Jaibas RV Park

Not a bad morning coffee spot, huh?

As I mentioned the other day, there is a caravan company here with 17 rigs. They often
have tour outings planned. Today, about 8 pulmonias arrived, like a parade,
to pick them all up. Most of they were pretty much gone for the whole day.

Quite the sight when they were all leaving!!

The "not so glorious" side of our camping time.
Cleaning the grill from the BBQ. 

We had the pleasure to meet one of our blog followers, Norman and Susan today up at the Looney Beans coffee shop up in Cerritos by the Riu. They are really way more seasoned Mazatlan travellers than us as they have spent lots of time here. It is always especially fun for Doug and I to meet people following the blog. We haven't had the opportunity very often, so each time we appreciate it! Thanks you two, for spending a few hours with us. Great to get to know you both!! Oh, mostly, thanks for always riding along with us. We appreciate the company!!"

Great to meet you Norman and Susan!!
On our way back from coffee, we rode past this great little open air car (sort of like a pulmonia but my car guy advised me it is a VW Thing). I thought of our friend Ken Semenoff. A greater Seahawks fan, I do not know anywhere. So, this one's for you Ken!!! And it's for sale too!!!! Want us to tow it back, behind Euri???

Always something going on here. Young fellow up the cell tower doing some kind of repair or maintenance. Carol said it was one of the first times she can remember seeing them use a harness!!

Just so you can appreciate how high up he was!!
We all went out for dinner to a nice Italian restaurant. I had the waiter take a picture of us all and I thought it turned out okay and it did not. I will get one last picture of the "posse" tomorrow!!
Peace everyone and goodnight!!
Thought for the Day: May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears…..Nelson Mandela


  1. Have a great reunion, life is good.

  2. The Thing was sold by VW in the US between 1973-1974, I remember seeing quite a few of them on the road when I was a kid. Ken would love this, he could almost use it as a golf cart... yes please tow it home for us!! :) Have fun on your family holiday! We miss you!