Monday, 22 June 2020

Four Years Old & Fabulous

I'm not sure how this happened, so soon. Too soon.

Our beautiful Rudy turned four years old this month. He is an extremely articulate and exacting little dude. Nothing really escapes him as far as details go. He loves to lay on the floor with his cars, Lego and stuffies and make entire stories and adventures. Rudy loves to paint and draw. Creating and story telling abound. I could sit on the floor and watch him all day.

It is always so hard to be so far away from Rudy. He is growing so fast and if I have a fear it is that he doesn't yet really know us as well as we would like yet. Eight hours away seems a long way when we are all working and when you just want to sit and hold his little hand. Go for walks, sing and be silly. I am slowly teaching him to love dandelions, save worms, etc. He will always have his big cousins, Gus & Jasper to fact check on those things with too. 

Life changes so fast so we hope the changes we are planning bring us more time with him. Unencumbered with schedules.....We love him so much and we are really looking forward to retiring at the end of this year so we are free to visit with Rudy, Teagan & Shawn any time we want. 

For now, here is our little beautiful Rudy (photo credit to Momma Teagan):

Always the ham for sure.

One of my fav pictures, of course with a


So we continue on with the "waiting" that  is happening all the world over. Waiting for this time to pass, waiting to reunite with our families from afar. We are grateful that our families and friends are all well....(insert "thank you Universe" here). To you all, I sincerely hope you are all staying well. 

We wish you beautiful times ahead! I will end this with the same quote that I have used for Gus and Jasper as I believe it sums up how I feel about the times to come.with our grandsons...

Peace out.

Thought for the Day: "What if I fall? Oh, but my love, what if you fly?"