Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Symphony of Fire

We were extremely fortunate to have been invited to enjoy the famous Vancouver fire works tradition of Symphony of Fire this year on a boat!!

A business neighbour of Doug's brother's computer store invited a number of people to enjoy the fireworks from his boat. It is a 42 foot displacement cruiser named "Final Edition". What an evening it was! We met up at the marina in North Vancouver and we all boarded the boat about 7 pm.

We were told we did not have to bring anything to eat or drink as this was totally looked after. Boy, they weren't kidding either. Table chock a block full of appy's to start and later scallops, hamburgers, etc. Oh, and all the beer and wine you wanted. YIKES!! 

Lovely marina.....

Whoa....The Final Edition awaits us!!

This looks a bit serious...

These boat garages are quite something and this boat barely fits!

...and it has an automatic garage door closer too!!

Looking back at Canada Place. Dale & Sue's cruise ship left from here today!

The iconic Vancouver Wharves sulfur pile. My Mom worked here for 25 years in the office.They actually had tourists ask them to build a fence as they felt it wasn't a nice view to see a pile like this. Guess they don't quite understand a working harbour!.

Underneath the Lions Gate Bridge with Stanley Park rising high.
Don & Diana.....

Boats are already beginning to gather....

Then the "big guy" came to the party.

The Seaspan Osprey. A tugboat extraordinaire. Was later showing off up in the no-go zone by spraying the water cannons and turning in tight circles. It's huge in comparison
to all the other pleasure craft, even all 42 feet of us!!


Besides the dashingly good-looking couple, did you notice the moon??

My sis-in-law and me!

Big bro....little bro

Yup, that's how far we were away from the barge. The police boats create a
safety zone, this far away. If anyone goes into it they are there with
sirens blaring instantly to shoo them back.
 Here you can see that "zone" where you are not allowed to the left.


The fireworks began about 10:00 pm. Tonight's competitor was Brazil. There is music that accompanies the show and if you have a radio, you can simulcast it so it really makes it neat. So, without further commentary from me, here you go!! You can fill in the banging and exploding noises yourselves!



Oh, I have many more pictures but I thought I should hold the line on them!!
The show went on for quite a long time, maybe 30 minutes. Once the show is over, our host and captain likes to wait about 30 minutes before leaving to allow some of the boat traffic to dissipate. So, during this time, they serve up homemade meringue bowls with fresh whipping cream and berries (....and we have to go home why??) 

Absolutely delicious.....
Well, if that was the total end of the evening that would have been enough but we were in for a bit more of an adventure. When Sandy went to start his boat, one of the starters on one of the two motors was broken. He had the engine compartment open for at least 30 more minutes trying to fix it and it was not fixable. A job for another day I guess. Luckily, this skilled captain wasn't (.....seemingly) fazed by this development  We motored back to the marina quite a bit slower than we had come out on earlier. Didn't matter to any of us! He parked it right back on a dime ( that a proper boating term?) in the boat house. I imagine that if the seas had been choppy, it might have been a different matter. 


Canada Place lit up and celebrating Vancouver's amazing Gay Pride Week!!
So that was an evening to remember, that's for sure. Our true and total thanks go out to Dr. Sandy and wife Tammy, for the generous invite to Don & Di. We just got to tag along!! Remember, it's not always what you know, it's WHO you know and luckily we know Don & Di!!
Thought for the Day: Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Birthay & Catch-up Time

First and most important is our Happy Birthday wishes to our beautiful daughter, Teagan. You are an amazing woman and we love you more than you could ever know!! Teagan & hubby Shawn are enjoying life in the Kootenay's, running their very successful business there.

Hope your day was amazing....Happy Birthday to you!!
Next up:
Welcome to the beautiful West Coast to Doug's cousin Dale and his wife Sue.
You may remember them from my post on our trip last year. They live near Ottawa and took us into our nation's capital for a great tour on my birthday. What great memories those were!! Anyway, they are here for a few days on a stop over to their Alaska cruise. Had a couple of nice family dinners with everyone. Looking forward to more visiting and their Alaska stories on their return from the cruise. Love seeing family!!

Hope everyone is enjoying summer fun!
Thought for the Day: The world is changed by your example, not your opinion…...Paulo Coelho

Monday, 20 July 2015

Picnic Day

The weeks just seem to fly by now that we are "working" (ugh). I must say that I am really enjoying my new job. It's only three days per week so it's just enough to keep me out of trouble and to keep the wolves from the proverbial door. Doug is working a little too much at nearly 5 days per week right now. That should straighten itself out by the time we are ready for our September break. Can hardly wait for that!!

Anyway, you might wonder what that has to do with "Picnic Day", as in my title. Well, it seems that we are all thinking we are so busy but it just takes one person to put it out there "Hey, we should have a picnic at the beach". That's what Josh said and voila, here we are all, at the beach on a beautiful day, hot, hot, hot for sure!!  Josh is quick to point out that he may have put it out on social media but it was Kathy who did all the food, etc planning. Thanks to you both!! It wouldn't have happened without the "idea"!!

We spent the whole day at one of our favourite places, Crescent Beach. If you started walking from our pier here in White Rock and headed west and followed the beach, it would take you about 3 hours to walk to Crescent Beach. In fact, when our kids were younger, we took them out on that very walk. We parked a car at each end and walked, all the way around! I like to remember it as a fun family adventure. They may have different thoughts on it, however!! But, needless to say, it is pretty close to our house. About a 10 minute drive away, just round the point.

Great Grandma "T" with Jasper

Cousins.....Mason, Gus & Joey

Father and son trying to launch a little wee kite!

The gang, wisely seeking out the shade.....

Doug's brother Don (Grandpa Don and his little guy, Mason)

Do you think we had enough food????

Time to cool off some feet......

This boy has no fear of wading in the ocean. He loves it!

And I think he gets it from Josh, his dad. We could never keep Josh out of these
waters either when we would come down here. He would stay in the water until
his teeth chattered and his lips were blue!! Like Father, like son!! 


Cousins, Gus and Mason


Always gotta be a foot shot, right? Just cuz we aren't travelling right now,
doesn't mean I have forgotten! In fact, sometimes when I am at work, I look
down at my feet and think, why aren't we out somewhere fun???

Speaking of feet, where are MINE anyway??!!
This boy, we L-OV-E!!!!
So, eventually, everyone had other commitments and/or had to get the kids back home and out of the sun. That left my Mom, Nadyne, Don & Diana , Doug & myself. We just decided to hang out and have the same thing for dinner as we had for our picnic lunch. Just too nice of a day to pull ourselves away!!

Thank goodness for those "eze-up" shelters for the shade!!
So that was the weekend. We spent Sunday with our great friends, Bob & Danna. They were here for dinner and a beach walk (oh, and some pink wine too!). It is pink wine season, you know!!
Thought for the Day: Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are….M.Williamson

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

CFL is here!!

It is no secret that I am a H-U-G-E CFL fan. I will put on a CFL game even if the BC Lions are not playing and even if Doug is not home. While I may not "watch" an entire game if BC isn't playing, I love having it on. Somehow it seems really "Canadian" to me and we certainly enjoy it.

So, with that pre-amble in place, we were treated to the BC Lions Season opener last Friday night!!

Josh and Kathy treated Doug & I and Mel & Rick to an evening of football. They even managed to score some field side passes for 4 of us to go down and soak up a bit of the Lions practice and some of the excitement that goes with being on the field level. Wow, is BC Place ever huge from that vantage spot!!!

Here, enjoy the evening with us....


Kathy's Dad, Rick.....aka Travis Lulay-Quarterback

The real Travis Lulay
One of my favourites from the BC Lions team is now President and GM, Wally Buono. It was nice to meet him. A few years ago, I sent BC Lions an email upon returning from Mexico. I had just found out that my favourite player and veteran player, Geroy Simon, had been traded and I was quite disappointed and did not understand the business end of the decision. So, I penned an email. I guess it made it's way to Wally and he actually called me on my cell and we had a 20 minute chat about it. Really, no lie - Doug was witness to it. Doug said that by the time I hung up, it sounded like we were old friends!! Pretty funny and he was so gracious with his time. Yes, I did come away with a better understanding of what happened. Happily, now in 2015, Geroy Simon is part of our team in a off-field position.
He said he actually remembered our conversation!!

One of my other fav's....Angus Reid. Likely the only team jersey
I would have ever bought, if I had bought one that is!
Good old number 65 - retired now though!!

Oh Canada.....
Opening ceremonies.....

Jasper suited up with his little head phones for ear protection!!
And....Josh doing what every good, self-respecting
CFL fan does, enjoying a brewski!!

He was good as gold too!!

Anyway, what a great evening. Kathy's mom, Mel was here as well but she Kathy and Jasper stayed up top-side while we were down on the field. To say we enjoyed the evening is an understatement. Even better was the fact that they were playing our really big rival, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and after trailing for the whole game, we muscled up and tied the game, went into overtime and WON!!! 
Thanks again Josh & Kathy! We really enjoyed the evening, but then, any time spent with you guys is fun!!
Thought for the Day: Masquerading day after day as a normal person is exhausting!!