Sunday, 26 June 2016

Weekends come and!!

Super excited to wish Kathy & Josh a very Happy 6th Anniversary. They spent it in style, camping with Gus and Jasper. Man, this group knows how to hang out and have fun together!! On Saturday, Doug, I and Kathy's sister Dayle, drove out for the afternoon to chill out with them all. What a great day it was!!

Auntie Dayle came along for the party too!! 

Kathy and Jasper.....he's such a ham!!

Beglaw boys and water........

Sister fun.....


Never spill a drop of cake, even if you are camping.....

Wow, something we REALLY notice now is that the weekends just seem to fly by!! I have spent some time pondering the fact that when we were retired, the weekends were still a bit like a weekend but different somehow. There wasn't the same pressure to get things done, to relax, to visit with everyone, etc. Now I remember what it was like. That four years, lounging about with no schedule, in some ways, is a bitter to pill to swallow now, that's for sure!!

Don't; get me wrong, we love our life here in White Rock and we really feel very fortunate to have spent 4, nearly 5 years, travelling. Met the greatest of people and the memories can fill a book (or a blog) but it is still a hard adjustment to hear that alarm ring Monday to Friday that's for sure.  But then, strange as it sounds, somehow you actually appreciate working again (if that sounds not too weird). We know we aren't in it for a long haul this time, just a bit to fill our boots and then we will retire permanently. Besides, it gives us AMPLE planning for the next set of adventures, right?

For now, we relish in the weekends and we will keep you filled in on all that craziness.

Got that right!!!
Today, Sunday, we headed over to North Vancouver to see my Mom. Always fun over there (once you get through the traffic!!). Nice treat to head out to lunch at the Tap and Barrel by the Quay and then a walk at the Lonsdale Quay......come on along!

Looking pretty nice there Momma!!

I love this lady......
Then it was a quick walk over to the Lonsdale Quay. Always something interesting to see there. From books, to fruit, to flowers, candy making to octopus(es), green stairs to teapots. Something for everyone!!

Sheesh - soon Canada Day will be upon us!!


Looking across Burrard Inlet to the beautiful Vancouver downtown skyline.

Phew....that's about all we could cram into this weekend!! Time to go back to work and rest up for the upcoming Canada Day long weekend. Oh, and our 39th anniversary on July 2nd and my aunt's 100th birthday celebration too!! I sense another busy one coming!! 
See you's off to work we go!!
Thought for the Day: To make a difference in someone’s life you do not have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care.

Friday, 17 June 2016

More catching up!

Well, still trying to get everyone up to speed.....lots going on. Just in case you haven't noticed, I have been adding, in chronological order, our past month's happenings. Check carefully or you could miss something!!

First, our move. Yes, we moved a few weeks ago!! As much as we loved the view at our other place, there was a new "monster/mega" house coming up next door that would completely obliterate our view of the ocean, putting a concrete wall less than 8 feet away from us. No thanks said we! Doesn't matter how close to the pier and beach it was.  Also, the layout just didn't work for us. We were very fortunate to know some friends who just happened to have a lovely two bedroom condo that was here we are. We are actually about a 10 minute walk away from the old place, just up the hill and still in White Rock. We are thrilled to be here.....

We didn't have a proper balcony/deck at the other place so we are so happy to
have someplace comfy to sit and drink our wine, even if it is small....and if you look to the left off the deck, Orcas island in the San Juan Islands is still there.


We are nearly all done "Beglaw-izing" it. A few more touches and we can relax!!

Just in case anyone is keeping track of all our craziness, the last few months have gone a bit like this.....

1) Sold our trusty ride, Euri..... 2) We started full time work again..... 3) We moved..... 4) Are thrilled to welcome into our family a new grandson, lovely little Rudy. A beautiful little cousin for Gus and Jasper..... 5) Still looking for that elusive little trailer to replace Euri. Did I mention the working part? Oh yes, I see I did! 

Yup, no wonder we are happy and tired!!!

All is good and we are VERY thankful for all the above.


Thought for the Day: Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward…..Oscar Wilde

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Our newest, beautiful addition to the family: Rudy Hunter O'Connor, arrived on Sunday, June 5th @ 6:44 pm, weighing in at a lovely 10 lbs-15 oz!!

Mom and Dad, Teagan & Shawn, are thrilled, as all of us are. Another adorable little grandson and we couldn't be happier. Mostly, for them, but for all of us too!!

Life is good, indeed....

Just like I said to Gus and Jasper a few years ago. It remains in my heart...
...I have loved you for a thousand years,
I'll love you for a thousand more...
Welcome to the world our little Rudy - We Love you!!

I know, it's pretty hard to top that information, isn't it??
I will continue to update the blog this week and hopefully, by week's end, I will have you all up to speed!!
Thanks for coming back for a visit. Wasn't it so very worthwhile?!!
Thought for the Day: I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more...

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

Well, we might not have a trailer yet but that didn't stop us from getting to experience a day out at Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park (thanks to the kids.....).

Just a beautiful setting. Takes about 2 hours from White Rock but a lovely drive through the mountains, east of Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley.

Mt Baker, in all it's glory. Heading east on Hwy 1.

Hey, how did Lightning McQueen get here??

Jasper in the standard issue camping attire...diapers and rubber boots.

Jasper and Mommy....Kathy.

You know it spells trouble when the big brother is old
enough to push the little brother in the stroller!!!

Cold but breathtakingly beautiful!

Really, Kathy is not as short as this picture would suggest.....

This is what camping is all about.....evening campfires.

What a great day. We headed home about 10 pm and were back in White Rock by just before midnight. I will say that when you leave the park, you are way up in the mountains and it is some DARK on that windy two lane road. Takes about 40 minutes to get back down to Yarrow (by Chilliwack).
Thanks for the adventure, kids!! We had a blast!!
Thought for the Day: Everyone needs a friend that will call and say “Get dressed. We are going on an adventure”