Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Summer is here!!

So, let's continue with our updating. I know, a tiny delay from the last post, but hey....I am working so it's a little hard. Here we go in the month of June, one of my personal favourite months......(Warning - lots of pictures) I know, I know, there is lots to catch up with!! (Go to the bathroom first, okay?)

First and most important, someone turned two years old!!!!! Happy Birthday to our beautiful Rudy!!!!

Happy Birthday Rudy - We L-O-V-E you SO much!!

Teagan & Shawn have a lovely VW Westfalia that belonged to his Grandpa Rudy. They have taken lots of little camping trips in it and safe to say Rudy loves it! 

Happy 2nd Birthday our beautiful Rudy!! 

Anyway, more fun times and camping.....

Foot shots......told you they were back....

My personal favourite flower. Dandelions. They are strong. They grow anywhere, in lovely manicured lawns, cracks in the pavement, against buildings in the concrete.
There is a resiliency I love..... 

This is how we started out on the June 16th weekend.....Friday night.
The new to us Ford Flex and Bigfoot.

This is where we ended up Saturday morning. Langley. We didn't get far. We realized as we were going that the lights weren't working. Yes, we checked all systems before we pulled out of storage.  Doug's brother, Don, helping us out with a lighting/wiring problem.

But we made it to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park......

There's nothing these two do that we don't LOVE!!

Surprise 60th Birthday party for Grandma Nancy!!!
Just my style too...a camping birthday!!!

While we were out walking with the boys, Josh & Kathy decorated the campsite.....
Super fun!!!

Even little Bigfoot got in on the action!

....just the best birthday EVER!!!
Thanks Josh, Kathy, Gus & Jasper!!

Of course, from here, we rolled straight into Father's Day!!

Doug and I were both very fortunate to have had awesome Dad's, Arnold and Leslie. They worked so hard for their families. Built lives, homes, families. They taught us lessons (some of them hurt), rejoiced with us and celebrated all our little and big victories. We miss them both so much and wish, somehow, that they can look down on us and know we are well and that we love them and miss them both so much.

Meanwhile......I love these two guys so much. Both amazing Dad's. There is really something so very cool watching your kids become parents. I can't say enough about it. I love their relationship. There are SO many things that are similar about them (ha ha, right Kathy?).They are both friends and I think that is just something that is in my heart that is so very important.

Love you both.....

Meanwhile, back to these two little crazies!!

Grandma Nancy's craft centre.......

Gorgeous park......cold lake.

Gotta love a little static cling!!!

The weekend always ends like this. We have developed the routine of going by our local spray and wash and giving both the Flex (Doc Hudson) and Bigfoot a spray. We don't "wash" them but just spray off the dust.  Well worth the few extra dollars.
 Until next time......


Thought for the DayEnjoy the little things in life, because one day, you will look back and realize they were the big things.