Monday, 17 September 2018

Still catching up!

So, I've really got to bring this up to date, once and for all.Super hard once you get behind and I hate myself for it. Again, it's so hard to post when you are working everyday but then if you don't share something you are missing out on the little things that actually make life fun. So, here we go on the next few blog posts with the "Coles Notes" or abbreviated version up to the years end. May take a few posts, but don't worry, we'll get there!! 


Continuation of September holiday - Road trip to Alberta & Nelson: We pretty much just touched down from the cruise, slept in our own bed for one night and then headed out on a road trip to Alberta & Nelson.

Through our beautiful province of British Columbia on our way to Alberta.

Doug's Mom, Helen. Medicine Hat AB. 
She is looking awesome and she is 96 years strong!!

Now on our way to Nelson. Beautiful drive through the mountains.
Takes about 8 hours from Medicine Hat to Nelson.

Lunch at Jim Smith Lake in Cranbrook.....
Haven't we fallen a long way from the fancy cruise ship lunches???
Truth be known, we both like these better!! Shhh....don't tell Princess Cruises!!

Guess who we found? Rudy & Teagan!!!

Our hard-working son-in-law, Shawn. Proprietor and artist extraordinaire
 of Timber Tattoo in Nelson BC. 

Off to the local farmer's market in Nelson.....

We love this little boy SO much!!!

It had to happen....on our way back home!!

See you on the next awesome adventure!!

Meanwhile back at home, these two little dudes are heading 
off to preschool and Grade One!

Before we knew it, it was time for the harvest moon and fall 
was upon us.....but not without a surprise!

Guess who we found at the local RV show,just passin' through town?
The famous, Kevin & Ruth!!

Okay, that's it until Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner!!


Thought for the day: Everyone you meet knows something you don’t.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Alaska Cruise Part 4 Final

So, that took us through the three towns of our cruise, Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. All small Alaska towns that have been transformed by the cruise ship industry. Rightly or wrongly, it is what it is. We did notice that the souvenirs are pretty much the same from one spot to another but many people make a living because of those big ships coming and going. To each his own.

Our last days were spent cruising and enjoying H-U-G-E glaciers that come right down to the water edge "tidal glaciers". One of the bays was "College Fjord"  which in this one huge bay has a glacier named after each major university/college, except Princeton for some reason. Not sure why.

The first area we stopped in was Johns Hopkins Glacier, a 12-mile long glacier located in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. You have to have a permit to even enter these waters (which obviously the ships have). There are actually "ranger boats" out there watching and observing everyone. I like the fact that they take care of things.  Again, lots of pictures. They cannot, in anyway, do justice to the magnificent nature of what you see. Absolutely incredible and we are so very lucky to have seen them under such incredible conditions......see for yourself:

I won't even pretend to remember the names of everything. This was a 7 day Alaska cruise, 3 cities, cruising one way. We flew back to Vancouver via Seattle.

Big, big sister, Susann... 
(I just love to call her that cuz she's the oldest in the family!)

John Hopkins Glacier
Notice the little "spec" in front? That's the ranger boat.....
Probably a 30 or 40 foot boat. Just an economy of scale for you.

Another huge cruise ship is allowed in with us.
Honestly, notice the Caribbean colour of the water??

Morning Ceasars.....

You can just see the edge of the churned up silt in the water from the ship.

Still playing family shuffleboard.....serious contemplation going on.
We are fairly serious.....

However, Martin found it a tad chilly!!

Back inside to watch a show. These hands of my Mom's. 
They have guided us all through life with love and wisdom....
probably some spankings that we deserved as well......Ha ha.

Brother Mark....okay, it isn't THAT warm. 
(You can let your breath out now....)

Theme of the cruise it seems......

My immediate family. Nancy, Susann, Mark, Julie & Mom.

Our favourite band of "outlaws". Doug, Mom, Carmen & Martin.

I believe this is the Mendenhall Glacier. It so huge, we could hardly get it in the shot. Right at the end of College Fjord. The ship sits here and turns slowly so that everyone has a chance to see it. Unbelievable....... 

Last dinner with our great dinner waiters/friends.....
Thanks to them all for being part of this incredible journey, every evening.

Good morning from Whittier AK.

Our lovely home for the past week.

Once we disembarked in Whittier, there were buses that took us up to the Anchorage airport. Very organized and efficient. From there we flew to Seattle and then home to Vancouver. It was a long day but all the connections went well.

Thank you, Alaska, for allowing us to see just the most minute snippet of all you are. We know there is SO much more to see. Thanks to our Mom, Nadyne, for the opportunity to spend this time together and to get to see one of her favourite cruises. We had an amazing journey!!!


Thought for the Day: Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose.