Sunday, 31 March 2013

VdJ (Day 42): Nothing to report!

Word of the Day: Mucho gusto (moocho goosto)
                            Pleasure to meet you 

Yup, stayed home all day!! There are 7 sets of people leaving tomorrow! It was a pleasure to meet all of them. Some we will remember their names, others, we may not. We will remember their faces though!! Happy and safe travels to all!! Mucho gusto...It was our pleasure to meet you!!

Barb & Sal had a nice big get together up in the "entertainment room" tonight. Lots leaving so was nice to say adios to all...

Doug, the lime squeezer, hard at work!!
We came back to the trailer (I know, you can hardly contain yourselves at this point....) and fed the kitties some milk, barbecued for us and Kevin and Ruth......
...these are some of the kitties
...this is Doug barbecuing in the dark (sort of...)
Doug, Kevin, Ruth & I....
Spent a great evening with our friends, Kevin and Ruth Sad to see them go. They are heading off to Saskatchewan and a season of camp hosting in Sturgeon Lake Regional Park. It is about 42 kms north of Prince Albert, SK. We just know they will be great camp hosts. (Everyone, I think we should all show up at the SAME TIME!!) Watch their blog for their adventures northbound and some of "those things" that are on their bucket list!! Pretty exciting!! We are sorry to end our "season" of visiting with them so soon but will look forward to (...we hope) seeing them this summer and certainly we will see them here next winter!!
Everyone - time to tuck in after all those Easter treats!!
Cheers friends!!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

VdJ (Day 41): Market & a bunny!

Word of the day: Comida (Ko-meeda)

We did all our market shopping today. Well, not just at the market but all over the town. We really enjoy it too!! First stop is always the veggie man, Martin and his huge stand. He really gets the primo area. I wonder if he grows everything on the tables or if he buys some of it from a wholesaler. At any rate, many people buy their veggies from him. When he saw us, he whacked (the only way to describe it) these huge hunks off a watermelon. We tried to eat them but decided to bring them home for later - they were really good!! He also gave us free onions today!!

I think his stand is a 1/4 block long!!
After that it was off to Chema's carnita stand (remember, the one that is outside and open on Saturdays). The rest of the week it is the regular restaurant inside.
Today, it was Chema's son who helped us out.
I wish the computer was a "scratch & sniff" model,
so you could all smell how wonderful this is!! Beautiful roast pork...
After the carnita pick-up it was back up the street to the carniceria (butcher shop) where we got pork steaks, ground sirloin for hamburgers, arrachera marinada (thin steak marinated...) Oh, at the market, we also picked up queso (cheese) and chorizo sausage....Yup, gonna be some good eats this week. Wanna come??
Remember we had the birthday party for Dona (sounds like donya) Raquel today at 7 pm. Wow, was it ever fun. We (Doug, Mary Pat and I) were made to feel just like extended members of the family. It was just amazing!! It was so fun to hear them all singing the traditional Mexican Happy Birthday song. Later we all sang the English version. She was so happy!!
Dona Raquel is surprised by her beautiful cake...
Big birthday kiss from Don Jose, her husband...
Isidro, Raquel, Juan Gomez and Socorro (3 of her 6 kids were there)
Isidro was pretty funny. He kept telling us he was Brad Pitt and
Juan was Morgan Freeman....
I guess it is tradition (at least in this family) that the birthday person has
to take a bite out of the cake before cutting it!! Grandson Chema (yes, another Chema!)
holds Grandpa's hands so he doesn't get into trouble!! 
Us, the three musketeers, with the hosts...
Maria Fernanda explains something to Mary Pat and Doug. Mary Pat has excellent
Spanish as she studied for 1.5 years in Guatemala...
My new little friend, Isabella. She is 5. We both were
given flowers off the cake to put in our hair...
This is Alyssia, who is Isabella's auntie. Alyssia is Juan Gomez's wife
and that makes her Dona Raquel's daughter-in-law....
(I know, try and keep up will ya!!)
Soon, the Nescafe came out, followed by a big stack of family pictures....
Mary-Pat asks Maria a question. Socorro is Maria's mom.
Interestingly enough, both Maria Fernanda and Socorro are both diabetics
and both have the insulin pump!
Before we knew it, it was time to leave. It seemed that everyone came outside to see Euri. Pretty funny. I think they maybe thought we were crazy for coming all the way from Canada in a vehicle this size!!
What a night. We can't even begin to describe how neat it was. Mary-Pat says it was the best day she has ever had in Mexico. We might just tend to agree with her!! Best part is that we get to go back to their house on Monday for lunch!!
Glad I got this posted, even though it is late. Even the Telcel stick is very slow. Must be lots of people on their phones tonight!!
Okay, okay.....just got a bunch of new Gus pictures. I will only share one with you all tonight. More later...
Happy Easter friends, from my beautiful grandson, to you all!!!
(Quite likely he will hate this picture when he is older....)
Cheers friends!! (....tea is long done!!)

Friday, 29 March 2013

VdJ (Day 40): Happy Birthday

Happy "official" Birthday to Josh!!
Hope you are having a great evening with everyone!!

Word of the Day: salchichas de pavo (sal-cheechas day pabo)
                            turkey weiners

....remember the turkey story from yesterday - ask me about it later!!

Pretty quiet day here today. Mostly hung around, did wash, etc. Always missing our kids on their birthdays. I know, I know, I talked of this yesterday. Still it's hard to be away!! We did get to Skype with the birthday boy and family this evening though so it helped a bit!!

This morning, Sherman left the property - alert the authorities!! No, don't bother. It was just Kevin and Ruth getting the old boy ready for his summer hiatus here, while they are up in Prince Albert, minding a campground. Bit of fresh gas, bit of air in the tires and he is on standby, waiting for the fall!! Still, he looked pretty ready to hit the road N-O-W!!

You know there isn't much going on when I sit and take pictures of the animals, but am too lazy to get out of the chair to do so!!
Neco, (a.k.a. guard-dog!!) Even she had nothing to do today!!
Don't let that relaxed look fool you, she will alert anyone within a
1/4 mile radius that you are around, especially at night!!
Don't let this sweet face fool you!!! This one is the trouble-maker
of the litter!! Continually ambushing the other two. This morning he fell out
of a plant pot....If I could take one home, this would be the one!!
Today, our friends that did the interview came back by and invited us for birthday cake for Dona Rachel tomorrow.The term "Dona" (pronounced don-ya) is a term of respect, kinda like saying "Mrs or Madam". Poor explanation, I know, but essentially it is Grandma's birthday. Should be fun. We will go with Mary-Pat, who also visited with them. Very honoured that they would drop by to invite us. Really looking forward to it!! Also, Saturday is market day (do you remember the word.....tianguis - tea-ang-ees). Gold star for those who did!!
Oh, right, the turkey part. Well, it is the word of the remember the turkeys we saw on our walk the other day, the cheeky one. Well, he got his just rewards today.....just sayin'!!
Maybe he is the birthday dinner tomorrow!!!!
Tea is done and we are too!!
Cheers friends, near and far!!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

VdJ (Day 39): Last supper and a Birthday tomorrow!

Word of the day: hijo (ee-ho)

Friday March 29th (tomorrow) is our son, Josh's birthday. He turns 28 years old. It is hard to believe that time can go by so fast. Never do you realize this until you have children and watch them grow up. We are missing him and wishing we were there for his birthday celebration, cake and a shot of tequila. Sorry, buddy!! We wish you the most wonderful day (even though you have to work). You now have a son of your own to help with the celebration!! You will marvel at watching him grow and change, just like we did with you. We love you so much (...oh, I know...Mom, don't embarrass me on the blog - too bad!!) We are SO proud of you, of the man you are and the things you have accomplished!! So, from far away in Valle de Juarez, Jalisco, MX, your Dad and I send you ALL our love for your special day!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, our son and our friend!!! 

Josh, this is where we would take you for your birthday lunch - you would LOVE it!!
You just sit on the benches and watch your tacos come up!!
This is Mulmaro. He is the chef "extraordinaire" at Taquiera GM where we
always have our tacos, right by the Pemex on the way into town. They are,
without a doubt, the best tacos in the universe, as someone once told us!!
He wishes Josh a Happy Birthday too!!
Today, in town, is the re-enactment of Jesus' Last Supper. We went in with some of our friends from the park. Several people are leaving tomorrow. We will miss them and hope for safe journeys back to home, where ever that is for each of them. We can say that we have enjoyed the company of each and everyone of these fun people!! We are going to gather at Portal de Angel in town for our own last supper with them tonight. Enchilladas for me!!

Sal, Madeleine, Paula, Jerry Pete, Barb, me, Doug
Pete and Madeleine
Paula and Jerry
Sal and Barb
After dinner, we all gathered outside the church and waited for Jesus to arrive!! Finally, after HIS last supper, he came out and we watched the going on for a bit.
Almost looks like a girls night out!! Paula, Barb, Madeleine & me
Okay, boys get a night out too!! Sal, Pete, Jerry & Doug
That's it. After a bit we headed back to the park. We are sorry to see anyone leave, but leave they must. It has been our utmost pleasure to meet Pete and Madeleine from Hamilton ON. and Paula and Jerry from Kingston Nova Scotia. We feel like we have known all of you for a long time. Being here does that to a person. Just feels like home, doesn't it?
Safe travels our friends. We will look forward to hearing from you all when you are safe and sound, back at home and in the arms of your loved ones and friends!!
Remember - take care of each other...
Cheers everyone!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

VdJ (Day 38): An interview

Word of the day: Sustantivo (soos-tan-teevo)

...more on that later!!

First, just a few shots from last night's storm aftermath. Such a beautiful sunset and an almost full moon later!!

The grand fiesta tree, in all it's glory, with a beautiful moon behind it...
We have, over the past few months, developed quite a reputation at this park for being a tad on the lazy side. We just can't seem to rush up and out of bed to get going at.....something. Everyone seems to have "something" to do, but not us. Just lazy I guess!! But, we are okay with it!! While we eat our oatmeal and have our coffee, there are many people already up and at it. Walking, doing wash, gardening. We do keep track of everyone as they go by our window though, including the kitties up at the main house!!

 Always, one kitty wants to look the other way!!
Well, the kitty playground just happens to be on the way to the laundry room!!
Treated ourselves to tacos today. Last time we were in, we gave our favourite
taco stand folks a Canadian flag. We were happy to see it proudly displayed on the wall!!
Of course, had to make a trip all the way into town for paletas...I know,
we are pretty shameless, aren't we?? 
I know I have posted many, many pictures of this square and church.
It just never gets old for it!!
Beautiful church....
Doug spotted this private "sanctuary" area.
Notice how the stained glass window is absolutely glowing?
It was almost drawing us in....
The bell tower clock at the church is stuck on 11:45. It is right twice per day!! Doug has told me many times that if we ever win money, he is going to donate some to this church so they can have the clock fixed!! Wouldn't that be something cool?? After our time in the square, which is never long enough, we walked all over town. Way up the hill, taking pictures (me, not Doug) as we went!!
I love this little "corner store" - aborrotes...
Old areas, new areas. Always tidy and clean...
I love this house!! It's a bit hard to notice, but it is very hilly up here...
This home had two surprises for us....first:
This tiny kitten came out on a little wooden platform, meowing, as I was taking the picture...
and second, this sign. "Welcome to the house of the Grandparents"
Gorgeous bougainvilleas...
We were pretty much up as high as the town could go....
That is the lake!!
Now, here is where the story gets funny and, yes, eventually I will tie it all together so be patient!! As we continued our walk, we came past a house for sale that Doug likes. It just happens to have several turkeys (the eating kind) in the yard. I was having some fun, making a gobbling noise to them and they would in turn, make the real turkey noise back (theirs was much better than mine) As we turned to leave, a lovely little lady came out of her house from across the street and called something out. We just smiled and kept walking because neither of us could understand her nor did we know if she was actually talking to us in the first place. Home we went. A little while later, while we were visiting with Sal and Barb, a car pulls up at the main house and out gets two young girls, a Mom and some grandparents. They know Sal & Barb. The mom and girls are from Mexico City and are visiting the grandparents. The youngest girl, it turns out, has a school project to be completed over the Easter holidays that is interviewing an English speaking person. That's right, the SAME little grandmother had called out to us that her granddaughter wanted to interview us when we were up the hill!! Amazing!! Guess the little girl was too shy to come out and ask us herself but Abuela heard us talking!! So here they are and now Maria Fernanda has to interview Doug, with Mom and sister Carolina filming!! So much fun and such good practise for us. If our Spanish is EVER as good as Maria Fernanda's English is now, I will be very happy!! Her sister, Carolina spent last summer in Toronto at a college working on her English. She is very good too!!
That is Abuela and Abuelo sitting beside Maria Fernanda...
Sal helps Maria Fernanda out with a few missing words...
Such fun that was and such a good story, huh? Just as things were wrapping up and Maria was wanting to continue talking, the kitties decided this would be the opportune moment to steal the show back and decided to try and climb the palm tree:
Carolina, Senora and Maria Fernanda
come for a quick visit!!
Senora has invited Doug, I and Mary-Pat to her house for lunch on Monday at 2 pm with the girls, their Mom, Socorro, and the rest of their family When the young ladies were at our house, Mary-Pat was a big help in translating words we didn't know, which were many!! We can hardly wait!!
You see, you just never know what a day will bring!! Campfire is out and I am on the 3rd cup of tea, trying to tell you all this crazy story!! Imagine, it all started with the turkeys! If it hadn't been for them, Senora would not have seen us crazy Canadians out there!! 
I wonder what's for lunch on Monday. You don't suppose.......?
Good night everyone!! Might just be a picture of Gus on Skype for tomorrow....just sayin'

Cheers friends!!