Friday, 28 September 2012


Yesterday, we drove up to Fanny Bay, home of the world famous Fanny Bay oysters. It takes about 1 hour to get up to Fanny Bay from Nanaimo. It is a great drive and we couldn't have picked a nicer early fall day. We took the oceanside highway which takes you through Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Union Bay, Fanny Bay. Super nice. First though, we stopped at Rosewall Creek Provincial Park. Cannot camp there but seems to be some nice hiking trails. We will check them out later but here are some pictures.

Then it was off to Fanny Bay. Like I said, all these little oceanside small towns were actually here before it became fashionable to come for holidays. It's nice to see them still alive and well.
This looks like a nice little spot, out behind the restaurant...
My awesome lunch partner!!
Now, this looks like the way lunch should be!!
Just slurp 'em back raw with a touch of lemon...yummy!!
...and the lightly breaded ones were fantastic too!!
Our really, really nice lunch view!!
Then it was time to head back home. These type of days, with lunch out, are not all that common for us. Most of the time, it is just soup,sandwiches and tea at home. More often than not, we just head out for our exploratory drive and then come back home but we had wanted to get an oyster fix for quite awhile now!! One little secret we have is that sometimes when we are out and it is "lunch time" we actually head into Costco for a super cheap hot dog and fountain drink. I know, not fancy schmancy and certainly no awards for "healthy" but we still laugh about it and enjoy the time out. Believe me, a day out with lunch at Costco or soup and sandwiches at home is STILL better than a day at work!! (Ooops...sorry to our former employers who may read this, but it is true!!)

I know, kinda weird but it is the world's tallest gnome at the gas station on the highway back home!! Sometimes, you just have to take the weird with the wonderful when you ride along with us!!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fibber Magees

Not much happen' today. We spoke to our very wonderful friends, Bob & Danna who are touring and living in Treviso, Italy (about 40 minutes from Venice). They have been there since beginning of May. They are scheduled to be back in Vancouver near the end of November. They are having an amazing adventure of their own. Check out their blog too, Just in case you haven't met them, here they are, on Skype with us this morning!!

  A bit hard to see Bob, but he is there.....along with his wine!!
After messing around for the day, Mom, Sue, Lacey, Doug & I headed out to Fibber Magees Pub (again). We had a great time. There was a nice little band too.
Sue & Lacey...
My Mom, Nadyne & I... 
Me and my best friend, of course!!
Introduced my sister to an Irish Car Bomb "drop shot".
My son, Josh, should be proud of me!! And, she liked it!!
Day is done, Beglaw checking out. Sorry about all the photos of me....I hate that!!  Tomorrow, we head back to North Vancouver to get Mom moved back into her cool new apartment!! Stay tuned for that!!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Morningstar Farm

Another beautiful day on the island, as in many parts of B.C. We drove up to Morningstar Farm ( in Parksville.

This farm is also home to Little Qualicum Cheeseworks ( and also MooBerry Winery (

This cabin is from farm homesteader, Jim Lowry. It is 120 years old!

Ha ha ha....
Happy cheese shoppers in the Farmgate Store....lots of samples too!!
Many great, fresh and different cheeses are found here (also meats, sauces, etc.), plus everything we tested, and we tested everything, was wonderful! After sampling our way through the cheese cooler, it was 4 steps to the wine bar for a tasting. 
Now, onto MooBerry Wines. This is the community of Oceanside's (Parksville & Qualicum Beach) first, legal fruit winery. Like the cheeses, we tasted everything available!! (I know, dress us up but you can't take us anywhere....)
...looks like a lovely blueberry wine..
Award winning Gooseberry Wine...
Thanks, Chris, for being so nice at our tasting!!
After wine tasting, it was off to explore the farm. What a peaceful day to go for a stroll in the countryside. There is lots for kids to do here. The animals, pathways, picnic tables, fields. Bring the kids - get them away from the television!!!
Even us grown-ups like a petting farm!!
Foot shot, had to happen...
Mt. Arrowsmith, way out there!!
Look at us country farm girls!!
(Mom-Nadyne, sister-Sue & me) 
Some of those tasty blackberries for that yummy wine!!
Doug gets locked into the fields!!!
Well, that was a great morning. only takes about 40 minutes to get there from our place in Nanaimo. And yes, we all came back with various wines and cheeses. See below, back at Sue's place, we had a sampling:
That's it for our Friday. Weekend is coming and yes, it still does feel like the weekend to us, even though we are retired!!
Take care of each other - "Always kiss me goodnight"