Thursday, 31 May 2018

Promises, Promises

Alright, seat belts on????

Hi again - Trying to sort out my "camera" that is on my Google phone. Super great camera but I had some trouble (and laziness) getting myself trained. Besides, not to sound like a broken record, but when we are working, it's not very interesting for all of you to read about our life.

Here goes...I'll just try and do a recap of the highlights, month by month. 

First up is April:

Not often our little boys get to be together, 
but here they are - growing fast!!

Teagan, Rudy & Grandma Nancy

Our beautiful little Rudy...

Gus, Jasper and yours truly.....gosh, spring is FINALLY here!!


Kids and mud - it never gets old....

Off to a bike ride around Barnston Island on Mother's Day

Love this daughter-in-law of mine....

Us and tequila - always go together.

Josh & Kathy

Little ferry across this arm of the Fraser River to Barnston Island

Now it's off to North Vancouver to see my Mom, Nadyne.

Love this lady.....

Happy Mother's Day Nadyne....(my Mom)

Happy Mother's Day, Helen...(Doug's Mom)

Now we get to the May long-weekend. (I forgot to mention that there were LOTS of pictures! We spent it at Sasquatch Provincial Park, Deer Lake), about 2 hrs from Vancouver. It's just past Harrison BC. Josh, Kathy, Gus Jasper, their friends with their little kids and then some friends came up on one of the days for a visit. super fun weekend, although a little damp....... 

First all, thanks to Carol for bringing the fabric back from Mazatlan and then mailing it up to us from Las Vegas!! Thanks also to my wonderful friend, Danna, sewing extraordinaire lady, for making the pillows. A bit of Mexico in our little trailer!!

Gus & Jasper like them!!

The Bigfoot trailer, all 17 feet (including hitch) of it.

Gus, Jasper, Harrison & Emma enjoying a little campfire.

One of many walks....

Craft time in grandma's trailer.....

Grandpa Doug, Jasper & Gus.....

Gus, Emma, Jasper, Harrison & Ivy
a.k.a. "The gang"

Grandpa's pancake helper, Jasper....

What a great weekend that was. Like I said, it was pretty damp at times but we kept warm and dry in the trailer. Lots of "fire-pit time", which we love.

From there, the rest of the month just rolled along, passing quickly. Some fun times at Crescent Beach and just adventures around town......

...and you thought the famous foot pictures were gone?
Not so!!!

Okie dokie. So that is April and May. Now, let's get working on the summer pictures and adventures. We'll be back!!


Thought for the Day: The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.