Friday, 24 October 2014

What's Up?

Hi everyone - We are just hanging out in New Westminster and enjoying life here on the mainland. When you start a blog about travelling and then you are not travelling for a spell it is difficult to keep writing anything that you think will interest folks. Sorry if this gets boring from time to time!!

Winter plans are still in the "planning" stage so nothing to share there, yet.....

So, for now, here is a snippet of the past week or so. Thanks for checking in everyone!!

The weather has definitely changed!!

Love the activity on this river!! I always thought that a view of the ocean
was the way to go but after spending time here, I am not so sure now!
With the dampness of fall, all kinds of things pop up!!

Then there was a bit of Gus time to wrap up the week!!
Something funny......

Ice creaming our way through McDonald's...

Yup, that's one fine week. Talk to you all later!!
Thought for the Day: There is no angry way to say "bubbles".

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Birthday Wishes

This has turned into a busy birthday month, huh? Time again to wish another special person in our lives a very special day....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carmen!! She is our awesome sister-in-law extraordinaire and has been very busy the past two weeks keeping up with my Mom on the Hawaii cruise. We hope you have a great day at sea!!

Don't worry, the boat is not "to scale"!!
Thought for the Day: Make today count, you’ll never get it back.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

As always, many thanks!!

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend here in the Lower Mainland. Weather-wise, it was supposed to be a "wash-out" due to some of the effects of a typhoon, way off shore. However, we were fortunate and it really only poured on late Sunday afternoon and evening. That was something to be thankful for!!

Super enjoyed ourselves with Josh, Kathy & Gus here for dinner and overnight. Let the good times roll......

This little guy knows how to shovel in the turkey!!

Doing some fine, colouring time with Grandpa Doug!!
Before we knew it, it was bath time!!

This one is for our favourite dentist, Dr. Sue!!
Since the kids were off work on Tuesday as well, we headed down to the Lonsdale Quay for a brief walk around. Still enjoyable down there, after all these years!
Lots of cool things here.....

What home would not be "thankful" for a set of moose pepper & salt shakers???

Green Leaf Craft Brewers are here too...



"Sometimes big whales kiss your boats not so as you'd notice..."
 Downtown Vancouver, taken from the Lonsdale Quay..... 
So, Thanksgiving has come and gone but there is much to be thankful for, always. My fantastic husband and our 37 years of marriage. Our amazing kids and grandson, Gus. They light up our lives everyday. We feel that Teagan, Shawn, Josh & Kathy are not only our "kids" but they are also our friends so for that we are extremely thankful. We have wonderful family that surrounds us. Our Moms, Helen & Nadyne. Sisters, brothers, their spouses, our friends. You are all there for us. We thank you all!! We are very lucky indeed.
It's a good life.....thanks.
Thought for the Day: "How do you spell love" asked Piglet. "You don't spell it, you feel it" said Pooh.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Double Birthdays!!

We have many people in our lives that we celebrate and today is a double celebration!

First on our birthday list is our Mom, Helen Beglaw. We hope you had an amazing day, Mom, with family around you. You are an awe-inspiring woman and we are grateful that you are in our lives. Your zest for life, unending love and humour are contagious and we wish you all the greatest things today!!

Taken recently during our September visit with her
Great grandson, Gus Beglaw!
Next up on our  birthday hit list is our dear friend, Bob Bortolin. If you remember, our friends Bob & Danna are ones on the South Pacific cruise right now. It is their home that we have been "sitting" (along with my Mom's). Funny story is that they crossed over the International Date Line yesterday (or today??) and the date skipped from the 11th to the 13th. Bob feels that this means that he does not age this year and stays as young as ever!! We like this idea!!
To our great friend, somewhere in the South Pacific!!
Hope you had a great day, even though Oct 12th didn't exist! where you were!

Birthday boy, Bob & Danna!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend!!! 
Lots to be thankful for this weekend and always. We are thankful to have so many family and friends that we can wish birthday wishes to. We are thankful for the love of those same people. We are thankful for our beautiful grandson, Gus. We are thankful for our life here in such a great country as is Canada. We are thankful for our health.......amen! 
We were thankful to spend part of our day today golfing with
Josh & Kathy. Such a fun time!!
Look out LPGA!!!

Doug, in full swing action!!
So that's it for today. We will have more for tomorrow. We will have our Thanksgiving dinner here with the kids so we are really looking forward to that!!
Gobble gobble........
Thought for the Day: Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mainland life.....

We have spent the past two days with Gus. The kids had a work schedule conflict so we were happy to be able to help. Kathy's family is awesome and does all the regular daycare. Luckily for the kids, they have schedules where he only needs additional care for 3 days during the week and Kathy's family rotates through and does it all. They are fantastic!!!

In spending the past three years on the island, we have missed opportunities like this to be able to help out more. We are looking forward to being able to do that a lot more in the future. (Information about that story later). Suffice to say that whenever we are here, we enjoy every second spent with Gus and all the rest of our family and friends as well.

A little snippet of the past two days.....

Body-slammin' Grandpa!!!

Grandma - There are BUGS in that piece of wood!!

 ...and under these rocks too!!

Now inside time for finger painting!!

That's a colourful hand!!
There's nothin' like a Grandpa and some
bubbles to clean up after that finger painting!

We have always loved going down to Crescent Beach in South Surrey. Today was a bit foggy but beautiful. It was quite peaceful down here. Guess summer really is over!



Time for some steamed milk at the Wired Monk in Crescent Beach!!



Last thing to wrap up this fun day was some cookie making! Nice to have a good helper!! 
Grandma, how much longer for these anyway??
Great fun day!! For the "thought" today I have used one that was on the blog not too long ago, but seems pertinent today.
Thought for the Day: Treasure the little things because one day, they will be the big things.