Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 11)

Still no new title but how did you like that new blog header picture??

Tagged along with the Sirimarco's into town today. Bill was on the hunt for something particular and they know the really good and true Mexican shopping areas so we jumped at the chance. Loved it!! Walking around, poking into little shops here and there.....

Come on along!!

This building above is across from the parking garage in town. It was an old Chinese bakery. It is all restored but empty right now. About 100 years ago there were approximately 20,000 Asian descent folks in Mazatlan, when there were only about 100,000 people altogether in this town. The government thought it was a problem so they up and closed this bakery and other shops and proceeded to ship all the Chinese folks up to Los Angeles!! Wow, history is sure strange sometimes! 

In the pictures below, these are the walls around the parking/car wash garage. Since the government is trying to keep all historical building intact, if something happens to a property, it is the responsibility of the owner to repair it and make it look like it used to look. Look closely at the trees just a little back in the photo. See the chains around the trunks, they are attached to the trees that are actually inside the garage. They go through holes in the walls to the outside and hold the walls up so they don't fall into the street!! 

Crazy, huh? Right through the wall to the tree inside!!
Oh, see the Chinese bakery in the background??

Imagine how old this window well is?
Our favourite thing is just cruising through the streets. We could do it all day long. I think you learn a bit about a place by being able to go where the locals go. Even though, NO, we do not blend in very well, we still enjoy it. We just smile a lot and everyone seems to like the fact that you aren't just sticking to the tourist areas. At least that is how it feels anyway. Nice people here in Mazatlan.....  
Remember the church I showed you the other day. Take a close look at the "bricks".
They are not individual bricks but the lines are just painted on the stucco!!
Better hope that your first line is straight or you could go "straight" to hell!!

Not sure why, I just thought it was amusing, like they were waiting for
the top half of their bodies to show up in a pulmonia or something!

Kids costume store....think we may make a trip back to this little gem!!

The tiniest of little stores are everywhere. All the produce looked really good....

Just wanted to show you how high some of the curbs are!
Imagine that much rain that you need curbs this high.

Doug particularly thought this could be a "destination" hotel at $240 ps ($20 Cdn)!!

Housewares store where we cruised through.

...and Doug got to lug around Teagan & Shawn's tortilla maker from there.
Love the block of ice in the street? They were watching a
lady trying to get a huge piñata in her car....
Even adult sized piñatas too!
The Minion is bigger than Gus & Jasper together!!

Want a date anyone???

Bit of a wiring nightmare......

I'm not sure.....

Not the greatest pictures on the move but back on the malecon
heading back to the park. Again, these are all for Carnival 2016

Cruising Mexican style.....

I have been promising those sunset pictures and we finally went and sat out to watch it. Beautiful I must say. We will probably share a few more with you. Don't worry, I could feel each and everyone of you with us....... 
This is where we come out to the beach from the RV park.
That huge rock way down there is Playa Bruja (Witches Beach), where we were yesterday.
A little bit of a walk isn't it? About 45 minutes in the sand.....

Okay, this was the classic "good guy-bad guy" stand-off.
I, being the bad guy in the crab's eyes. He/she keep running away
and then coming back towards me to challenge me.
It's hard to look a crab in the eye...... 
Long overdue foot picture. We aren't quite as white as we were last week.
Thank goodness - we stuck out like sore thumbs!!

Love from Mazatlan - wish you were ALL here!!!
Peace and good night!!
Thought for the Day: "I don't know where I am going from here but I promise it won't be boring".....David Bowie


  1. $240 ps ($20 Cdn)!!

    Looks like our kind of place!

  2. We too love shopping at the little tiendas all over town. Great sunset!

  3. You are so lucky to have Bill and Carol show you around. They seem very nice and a fountain of information. Mazatlan is such a fun place and can't wait to get there. We have really bad colds so hope the weather will cooperate and be nice by Saturday. Hope we can get together for coffee!!

    1. We most certainly will get together for coffee!!

  4. What was the name of the hotel you found for $240 pesos. I love all the pics and info I can gather as I am hoping to retie in Mazatlan

    1. Judging from what we saw, I don't believe this is a hotel you would want to retire in!!!