Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 9)

Sunday's are for relaxing, right? I know you all just think that this is all we do.....and you are probably right!! Hard to believe we have already been here for 8 days, that's for sure.

Whipped up a tasty treat of Tequila French Toast today for breakfast. You can pretty much rename anything "Tequila something or other" if you just add a splash of tequila and it does make it sound rather exotic doesn't it?

After that it was off to the beach.......

We are headed down to that rock outcropping called Playa Bruja
(Witches Beach) down, about a 5 minute walk past the Riu.....

In just a few days, the beach went from pretty much normal and flat to this!!! 
Down at the far end it was actually over our heads!!! Such strong winter surf still yet
the water, as you can see on the right, looks totally normal - must sneak up at night!! 

We walked straight across this area last Monday. There was a type of
retention pond by the Riu and now it is just gone!!

Crazy - now it looks like a river here!!

Getting closer to Playa Bruja......

Gorgeous outcropping of rocks and tidal pools, but a bit rocky.

Indiana Jones climbs up and over to the top to see what is on
the other side - just another cove and more rocks, apparently as the report says!

Looking back where we came from. If you can see the tiny two towers (which are actually huge), just past the centre of the shot, we go to the second one and turn left....

Tons of surfers out here and it is quite mesmerizing to watch them....

...and we are "out" for the rest of the day!!
Peace and good night!!!
Thought for the Day: A good traveler leaves no tracks…..Lao Tzu



  1. Love the energy of the ocean. I enjoyed your photos.

    1. Thanks Contessa. You just can't hold back the sea. Oh, you can try for a little while, but eventually, Mother Nature will have her way.....

  2. Many years ago I read the works of Lao Tzu. I learned a lot. Enjoy Mazatlan and the warm weather. Wish we could have stayed the winter.