Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 5)

Doug mapped out a walk to the closest Wal-Mart for us. Figured we needed more exercise and we probably do! About 4.3 kms from here and there were sidewalks all the way. I think we could probably ride our bikes if we wanted but we figured it was best to check it out first by foot.

First though, morning coffee on the patio.....
On our walk, we saw many interesting things. Like this one below. Necessity is the mother of invention they say.....these guys needed a chute for the construction debris so they made one:

...out of 45 gallon drums, attached to each other!!

Bridge going over a part of the big marina....

Most of the walk was like this though. Pretty nice sidewalks...

A shop through Wal-Mart is pretty much the same everywhere but there are always a few interesting additions. Like these cake mixes for example (....thanks Carol for pointing these out on your blog the other day or I would never have spotted them!!)

Seeing as we drive a VW Westie, I am
particularly partial to the "Tie-Dye" one!!

Doug thought these icing "helpers" were amazing... 
He thought Gus would like them!! 

After a quick shopping trip, about $660 ps ($56 Cdn), we took
a nice pulmonia ride with Armando back to the park..... 

Oh, apparently, an original Mazatlan candy - coconut marshmallows!!
Wal-mart proudly has a section where they support local businesses. Good for them!
Apparently, while we were away, a big wind ripped through the park. We had left our awning set up as we have not had any problem with it all week. We came back to it being collapsed on the side of the van, support sticks everywhere and our chairs were turned over! Looked like there had been a fight!! Doug was pretty worried that it might have ripped but it was all good. Made of pretty tough stuff, that Shady Boy awning of ours! We do have it down for now and will make it our habit to remove it when we are not on the site. We have not put it back up yet but improvised something for the afternoon. Phew....... 

New Mexican looking awing for the afternoon!!
Another view from the back of the van.....

Later, we were treated to a drive down through downtown Mazatlan with Bill and Carol. Such a different world when you have a vehicle to take off in and explore, especially this city in the evening. The pictures aren't great so I will apologize in advance but it is the best one can do on the move!! Oh, plus they treated us to a great hamburger dinner - life is good and we cannot thank them enough!!!!

Driving past the malecon
(Al & Colleen- this is where we walked with you guys!)

Some of the big masks going up for carnival....

Way over there is the baseball stadium. Apparently, Mazatlan
is playing Culiacan tonight....

Part of the Plazuela Machado.....sorry!

Pretty skinny side streets.

Beautiful Cathedral de Mazatlan

Valentino's by the malecon

Muchas gracias Bill and Carol!!!
Back of the Jeep named Willie
Peace and g'night everyone!!

Thought for the Day: You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.


  1. Another wonderful day of enjoying the warmer climates.
    We never leave our awning out when we go exploring or if there is a remote chance of a storm headed our way.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Luckily the awning did just what it was supposed to do. It is extremely lightweight, like a tent. Not like the BIG awnings you guys all have on the big rigs.....

  2. You managed to get some good pictures last night! Glad you enjoyed the ride

    1. Really enjoyed it. Night time photos, not so good!

  3. Sounds like a fun time with Carol and Bill. Love the construction chute :)

    1. It was - had a great time and appreciate all their insight and knowledge of the area for sure

  4. Did you buy the cake mix? Great photos!

    1. No but I am thinking about getting some before we leave. They are actually pretty expensive - $89 ps each, roughly $7.50 cdn!!

  5. Great post Nancy! You are so lucky for your upcoming vacation in a vacation. We love the Riu, have stayed several times and wish that is where we would be going. We will be at the El Cid Granada this time from the 23rd until Feb. 6th. Hope we can get together if you are free. We will have TnT's mother with us and for sure we will at some point be going to Looneybeans (my favorite for coffee) which is close to you. Keep up the posts, enjoying them tremendously!! And pray for no rain, lol.

    1. That would be great - love to meet with you guys!! We actually walked to the El Cid Marina the other day (oh, you probably know that) so you are definitely not far from us. You can email us direct at

      Thanks for hanging with us!!