Monday, 25 January 2016

Day 17- Mazatlan

Tagged along into town. Bill needed to pick up his watch at a repair shop. It's always a great opportunity with he and Carol to become more and more acquainted with the Mazatlan downtown core. I feel like it isn't such a mystery to me now. And, it's always a great photo opportunity!

This is an old ice cave "El Diablo". They did used to store ice in it many, many
years ago. Also armaments. The cave goes right through this mountain.
 Straight above this cave is the funny sight-seeing road I
showed you last week, but I never noticed the cave I don't think....
The walkway/roadway was built in the 1920's for rich people to use for sightseeing.
That big white coloured rock is the platform that Doug & I
walked to the top of the other day. Stairs are around the ocean
side. Customary "standing at the side of the road" pose......

Complete with creepy dripping sound....
So all along this walkway, there are divers who, for a price, will dive off the below shown platform. Not sure how they learn to time it properly. with the crashing waves. Apparently, once they feel they have collected enough money, one of them will go out and jump in. For example when we first walked over there, the guy wanted $25 US!! He dropped it down to $10 US but we weren't interested in being part of his potential demise. I am sure he will make lots of money this week as two cruise ships are due in, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.....they'll be water-logged by week's end, I am sure!!
I am just a bit unsure about the "practice" aspect of this.....
The diving platform from the other side.
Quite a nice picture, if I don't say so myself!!
Again, there are also many vendors who set up shop here. Quite the gauntlet to get through but, hey, everybody has to make a living and we appreciate them all. We just don't buy much for any of them. 

Not sure what might happen if a big wind came along??!! 
Hopefully, this isn't for a diver......but you never know.

After this, is was over to the international market, just a few minutes away. We got parked at Bill's secret parking spot ( we know too) and it was off walking - our favourite thing to do. 

This is a big old house someone is fixing up. We thought it looked very grandiose, well at least in it's former glory. Hopefully, we will come back and see some progress on it....

Now, that's a low garage - even Carol would have to duck!!!
(Sorry Carol - couldn't resist!!)

In years past, we have had two spectacular red cats.
I will always have a soft spot for a red kitty!!

Shoe shine alley by a small square....

Said "small square"

Well, it was a most pleasant day in town. Always enjoy those walkabouts and especially fun with friends!!
Peace and good night everyone! (only 4 more sleeps....)
Thought for the Day: The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter....Nicholas Chamfort.


  1. You are definitely making us jealous. We're in a heat wave for the next few days with highs in the mid 30's
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Wish we could have met up with you guys. So far we have only been at Loony beans twice. The rest of our party has been sick so we have had to stay close to our resort and it looks like your family will be here soon but still hope our paths will cross. Also with Bill and Carol because I copied lots of John MacDonald books to an SD card for Carol. Glad to see you are having fun. Enjoy.

    1. Hi Susan I don't know how to get a hold of you. Can you send me an email and we can still try and meet up? Contact me at Which Looney Beans are you going to? We have one up here in Cerritos....

  3. Rick and Kathy - We are really enjoying the heat. I know you two are missing it this year, but wait until your trip next year!! Susan and Norman - Glad you finally got to meet up!!