Sunday, 3 January 2016

Visalia CA to Oasis CA (547 kms/340 miles)

Another magnificent road day today. No really, it was magnificent. We always consider it a win when we get to where we are planning with no mishaps or issues, etc.

Once again, this drive through central California is interesting. It is the working, heart & soul of this great state. Everyday, each of us consumes fruits and veggies from here but no one gives a second thought as to how they got to us. It isn't a very pretty area. Especially at this time of year, when most of the trees are looking dead and the fields are merely dirt and sand, blowing around. Also, California is in the middle of a horrendous drought so it does make one wonder how it will continue to produce all the things we like to consume. Not sure what will happen but I do know that we should all be pretty worried. Not just about our consumption but also about all the people who work here and call this huge area home. We saw a sign that said simply "Pray for rain". When I show you the pictures from the past few travel days, it isn't to criticize it in any way, it just is what it is......




As I looked at my pictures of the past few days, I almost thought something was wrong with my brand-new camera. Where is the colour?? But, sadly, I realized that this is what it looks like out here right now. Also, pretty hazy. Just to add to the bleakness.....
We had not seen orange trees that were cut so flat on the tops before.
We were wondering if it had something to do with the drought and water-conservation?
Any one know?? 
Basically, we come down Hwy 99 from Visalia to Bakersfield. then you take Hwy 58 (near Mojave) and come down to Palmdale. After that is was Hwy 138 east to the big Hwy 15 that travels down towards LA. Thankfully, we turn off at the I-215 (San Bernadino) and go through to the I-10 (which will take you through Phoenix and all the way to Florida if you so desire!) From the I-10, we turn south again and go down just east of Indio on Hwy 86 to Oasis Palms RV Resort, just west of the Salton Sea. If you "Google" Oasis CA, it will take you to somewhere up by Sacramento. This one is down by the all but deserted Desert Shores on the Salton Sea. Phew......
Through all this, we traverse a few very high mountain ranges, one that took us up to 4,000 ft and was EXTREMELY windy. Just my luck, it was my driving shift. Of course, Doug will always volunteer to relieve me but I am just a bit stubborn and want to do my "whole shift". Lots of snow on the side of the mountain too....
Just as you leave the Bakersfield valley and all that dull brown, you start to climb up the mountain and it immediately turns green....for a spell.

Super high San Bernadino pass......

Approx. 4100 feet elevation!!

Wind turbines as far as you can see!

Really strange rock formations called the Mormon Rocks. They are a
visual evidence of the San Andreas fault, lying beneath the surface of California.....

Then as soon as we got down onto the I-215, it was miles of this!!!

Oh, but also this temperature!!

Doug is happy about that too!!
So, here we are, snug as bugs in a the Oasis Palms RV Park. We were here in 2014 for about 4-5 days in January that year. Who could forget when we left our little mat behind and went to Yuma AZ and then just HAD to return for it!! Well, apparently, the lady who runs this place, Anne, remembers us very well. Right from when we pulled in!! So nice of her and it is just the same as we remember it.
A great way to end the day..... 
Euri, looking quite majestic, huh?!

Super cute little family from New York. The kids are home-schooled and they enjoy life together on the road. The dad and mom are great musicians and the kids obviously have the same talent. Keeping time on various instruments and keeping everyone entertained. Pretty fun for all. We love seeing young families out on the road, enjoying a
different style of life with their kids. Very cool.

Notice Euri's ring-side seat tonight??

...and dinner is served!!
That's it for us tonight. We will deal with the missing paperwork from our Mexican insurance that never arrived from the broker in the morning and we will keep you posted about that. Otherwise we will bid you all good night.
A special goodnight to our little boys, August and Jasper - Love you both to the moon and back!!!!!
Thought for the Day:  Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.


  1. Wow! A good drive today! The tubesteaks look delicious...

  2. You are truly making us jealous but we have to look at the big picture. Wishing we were there right now instead of watching the white stuff swirling around outside the building.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Tube steaks are always great, aren't they?? Rick & Kathy - Keep the faith!! Full-timing is almost upon you and you will have an amazing year!!