Friday, 10 April 2015

Toe in the Water......

So, now it seems that things are underway. I have unpacked the very last box. All boxes and paper have officially gone to recycling. I am done with them...Yahoo!!

Once again, thanks to everyone for hanging in there with us. I know that we aren't exactly "running away" at this present time, however, we will be eventually. Here is the new routine, as we can tell so far.

January, February & March will be our new "warm" travel months. Whether that means packing up good ol' Euri for some easy, West Coast Mexico time or it may mean something different. Time and my R&D Department (a.k.a. Doug) will tell. The entire month of September will be our "Canada exploring" time. Looking forward to that for sure. I see some good camping trips coming then.

In between, we will, as I have affectionately termed it "pay to play". We will be (both) working part-time in the Lower Mainland. Doug has his gig sorted out and mine is as well now. Approximately 3 to 4 days per week for each of us. We decided that we would try just 3 days per week and see if things worked out okay for us. We will keep you posted! It will be nice to know that we have that holiday time upcoming. We are still planning on getting out in Euri for some weekend camps (we hope) around here. Stay tuned for that! Otherwise, we will start, once again, our explorations around White Rock and the general Vancouver area. We will post those fun times too.

Here is a little sneak preview of the homestead, so far. Ceiling is a little low and for a tall person like me, it is noticeable for the first little bit that you are in here then it's all okay. The landlord has a small kitchen reno planned already! Yahoo!! 





White door goes right out into the garage. There is another
entrance down the side of our deck.
....and here is the outside courtyard, up above us, that we are free to use. Just needs a bit of sunshine and a bottle of wine!! Nice that our landlord is kind enough to do all the hard work and then let us sit up there! We are on the level down in the house, with a lane access. Not to mention a half garage to park Felix in too!! Doug is stoked!!!

...and this is what this lovely place is called.
...and down below on our deck. I think we should be called
"Toe in the Water, too"
Our area is coming along too. A bit more tweaking.....
Doug has a little bbq area.
Remember those floats that we dug out of the trees
on the side of that Nova Scotia highway in May?
Well here they are, looking out at a West Coast ocean now!! 

So, caught up with us, you are. Hope you enjoyed the smallish tour. I will get to work next week and get into my new routine. Thanks again, everyone, for stopping by. Hope you keep on visiting. We will have lots to show you around here!!
Thought for the Day: Be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes, the "m" is silent.