Sunday, 29 June 2014

Medicine Hat AB (Day 2 & 3)

I am sorry that I did not do a blog post yesterday......we were too busy eating!! Goodness, every time we come to Medicine Hat we are spoiled by all the family with great dinners, breakfasts, etc. Eat, eat, eat.....

Of course, we love it!!

We have delighted in visiting with family. Just plain and simple, we have really enjoyed ourselves!! Good to be around everyone again.....

The weather hasn't been to great and tonight it is cold, a bit rainy and blowing so that nixed the walk after dinner to work off some calories!! Back to the drawing board.....

That's it for now. Here is a little fun time with Gus to entertain you all!!

This picture is for my friend, Eric Paquette.
Gus is a newly recruited "Montreal Canadiens" fan!!  

Playdough time!!
Painting time!!

My hand is blue....who knew??!!
Thanks for checking in with us everyone!!
Thought for the Day: The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.... Borrowed from Carla Barthel. 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Cabri SK to Medicine Hat AB (227 Kms=141 Miles)

First of all I was very negligent yesterday, June 26th, in not wishing Josh & Kathy a very Happy 4th Anniversary!! It is hard to believe that 4 years has come and gone. What a glorious day it was and we wish them the most amazing happiness in life - you guys ROCK!!!!

We love you guys!!!
We left Cabri Regional Park at 9:00 a.m. this morning. We had a great visit with Kevin & Ruth. They have lots of work ahead of them this summer in this busy park. Thanks for all the great laughs!!
Euri fired up and ready to go.....

Bye guys - don't work too hard!!!!

The gravel roads were in great condition. It is about
25 kms from Cabri Park back to the Trans Canada Hwy

We thought this looked like something out of Star Wars!!
Beautiful prairie skies..... 
This is a nice drive. Beautiful skies and not too much traffic. Guess what? Soon we were into province number 9!!
Welcome to Wild Rose Country - ALBERTA!!!


And here we are again!!!!
We arrived in Medicine Hat at about 12:30 p.m. Diane hosted a great dinner with lots of family and we had a great time visiting!!

Here is some of the gang!!
From bottom right (clockwise) Uncle Dave, Auntie Linda, Duane,
Fran, Grandma Helen, Agnes, Brian, Diane, Doug......Party peeps!!
I was spoiled by Diane because I had "hinted" about having a Poppy Seed Cake for my birthday!! Thanks Diane!!!

We are nestled safely in Medicine Hat. We will be here until Wednesday July 2nd. You will hear lots from us in the next few days!!
Thought for the Day: There's always room to be a better person. Always.  

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Cabri SK (Day 2)

We had an amazing sleep-in this morning and I must admit that it felt a tad bit guilty knowing that Kevin & Ruth had to work today. Sorry, but we still managed to muscle our way through two cups of coffee and managed to just finish up our showers before they were back in the house for their morning break - YIKES!! Talk about us feeling lazy!!

Did a few laps around the park today and enjoyed the peace and quiet. There were a few things going on here though! Ruth seemed to have to spend the whole day behind a rake and she has done a beautiful job of the gardens and she works tirelessly making sure that the bathrooms are in A+ shape. I can tell you that after travelling as much as we have this year, clean bathrooms are worth their weight in gold!!

Another of the bird families here with babies!



Private, seasonal members' boat docks

Guess who we were thinking of today....and everyday?


Doug having fun on the little kids digger machine!!
One of Kevin's jobs for today was to get the boat dock back into the water. This boat dock that Kevin had to put in was the "big" dock that sits besides the boat ramp. It is scheduled to be a very busy weekend with tons of folks coming in. In fact, pretty much the rest of the summer from this point forward is going to be very busy for them!!
I think he likes that tractor!!

Getting it lined up..... 

....and it's in!!
After the guys got the dock installed, "young" Kevin, who also works here, was clearing up the beach area of large sticks and branches, he flushed out a bull snake. They look a lot like a rattle snake but they aren't dangerous. They just look so. This guy was pretty big, about 4 feet.


Boy, do they ever blend in!!
The other fun thing that happened today is that Kevin & Ruth had guests came in to stay at the campground that have been long time blog readers. Bill & Gloria from Idaho. It was really fun to meet them and we had a big pot luck dinner and some fabulous conversation....mostly travel related - go figure!!

Kevin, Nancy, Doug, Bill, Ruth & Gloria!!

Happy and safe travels, Bill & Gloria!!
We have had a wonderful time here with Kevin & Ruth. It is fun to spend the time and really awesome to see where they call home for the spring/summer....Thanks guys, for the hospitality and all the laughs!!
Tomorrow we are off to Medicine Hat, AB and we are happy to be heading towards family. It should be a great time!! 
Thought for the Day:  We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Virden MB to Cabri SK (594 Miles=369 Miles)

Boy, after the previous days of run time, today's jaunt seemed almost effortless!! Skies looked a bit threatening from time to time but mostly sailed right through as far as Swift Current before we saw a storm coming in.....

Early morning leaving Virden MB

From Virden MB, it's only about 35 Kms (21 miles) to the Saskatchewan border!!
Points for anyone who can see Doug in this picture!!
And for our 8th province, we choose - Saskatchewan!!!!
Really, we should have shares (or diabetes)........

 Mind the bug guts on the window - story of our lives!!

As we cruised through Regina, Doug wanted to stop to meet one of his customers that he had dealt with for a long time in his work days (remember those??). Sorry no pictures but we stopped in to see Max from Apex and had a short but nice visit with him. Always nice to meet people that you have only ever spoken to on the phone, isn't it?
Sodium Sulphate
This above picture (and the one below) are taken by the side of the Trans Canada Hwy, near Chaplin Lake, west of Regina. Saskatchewan is the world's leader in naturally produced sodium sulphate, currently producing 6% of the world's supply!! It is used in detergents, pulp & paper, textiles, starch, carpet deodorizers and live stock mineral feed.....carpet deodorizers? Who knew? See the things you learn when travelling!!  

Looks pretty dramatic, doesn't it??
Our travels today were mapped out to visit with Kevin & Ruth at Cabri Regional Park. Not too far off the Trans Canad Highway but there is some gravel roads to contend with. It is a very pretty area but Doug was a slight bit apprehensive regarding the 25 kms into the park on the gravel roads. But, as it turns out, they were in excellent shape.

Who knew....Success is this-a-way!!!

I consider myself quite lucky in that Doug grew up on gravel roads and learning to
drive on them so he is very good at it. If I had been driving we probably still would have been crawling our way in to the park!! However, he had us in safe hands!!
It didn't take long and soon we had reached the outer texas gate (cattle gate) and Cabri Regional Park. It is a nice decent into the park, which sits on the west end of Lake Diefenbaker on the South Saskatchewan River.



Pretty postcard worthy, don't you think??

Coming down the hill towards the office.....


Nice day use area.... 
Concession and office building....

Their home away from Sherman (shhhh....don't tell Sherman)

Their "front yard"

Hard to believe that just before we were eating dinner, a
storm did pass through and it POURED and hailed
and thundered outside....then it was nice again!!

Out for a nice evening tour and stroll.....and mostly dried up from the rain.

If you read their blog you will remember the story of the baby owl.
Well, here he/she is now - pretty grown up.
Newly trimmed and maintained pathway.....
 I know this is a tad out of focus, but I liked the effect anyway!!
From what we can see, it is an exceptionally nice park. There seems to be quite a few loops of campsites around so everyone is spread out and not all on top of each other. There are many seasonal campers and still lots of room for those just passing through. Kevin & Ruth run the registration, maintenance, cleaning of bathrooms and work with the hired hand (also named Kevin). From what I can see, Kevin & Ruth pretty much do everything around here!!
We had a great evening of visiting. We will be here until Friday morning so there will be LOTS more time for stories!!
Until then... 
Thought for the Day: You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated....Maya Angelou.