Monday, 31 July 2017

Summer Ramblings for July

We l-o-v-e summer......

The heat, the sun, everything about it. Too bad that our province is struggling with forest fires everywhere. While we love the heat, we really need rain and lots of it right now. Fingers crossed..........Also, our sincere thanks to all our front-line fire fighters out there. Aren't they awesome and dedicated?

It really breaks my heart to be following a car with yet another person with their arm extended out the window and a cigarette going. You just KNOW that they are going to drop that cigarette out on the ground. I mean, really?? How many ways can we spell stupid? Same mentality that leaves a child or pet in a hot car. I just can't stand it. Hardly worth the skin they are in.......

Anyway, on to catch-up time. Let's see, when we last parted ways, we had just gone camping with the kids at Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, one of our favourite places!

July 15 - Tour de White Rock

Bike racers we are not but it is so much fun to walk 1/2 block down the lane to be able to watch this great event. Our great friends, Bob & Danna, came over for the afternoon to enjoy the races and to make us dinner (I know, nice, huh?). The bike racers come from all over the world and they compete in several types/lengths of races. They also race in other venues around the Metropolitan Vancouver area during the week so it is a busy race schedule for them all.

Women go sailing by......sheesh, they were fast.
Doug & Bob
Danna & Bob

Men's race about to start

The ultimate race fans...

...and their fans!

Two of our favourite people!!
Thanks for making us a wonderful dinner, in our own kitchen!
July 22 - Wedding!
We were very honoured to be in attendance at our friend, Sharon and Michele's wedding. We wish them a lifetime of happiness. It was a beautiful day spent with them.
Congratulations, beautiful ladies!!
The next day, we took a trip out to Fraser Valley Cider Company on 16th Avenue and 221st. Street.  A great local cidery that was a delight to visit.
Check out their website,

Since I am not a beer drinker, cider is my "thing" so I REALLY enjoyed it!

We'll be back!!
A birthday!!
July 28th is our daughter Teagan's birthday. We have watched her become a wonderful mommy to little Rudy. We love her so much and really miss her. We think, by the look of the birthday pictures, she had a wonderful day with her boys!! 
Happy Birthday Teagan/Mommy!!
We love you!! Thanks for sharing the pictures...
July 29th - Symphony of Fire, Vancouver 
Beautiful view from Grandma's rooftop deck.....
Lions Gate Bridge in the distance.

Fireworks starting in the distance.

General finish up for the month below. In no particular order but just more of my favourite things!!
Crescent Beach, Surrey BC
A trip down memory lane.
My Great Grandma Hunter's house in North Vancouver. She lived in this house for more than 75 years and raised her five sons, one of who, Frank Hunter, was my Mom's father. We spent many wonderful days here on this very porch.
I can still see her waving to us as we left for home. 

Our  porch. Hey, maybe that's why I love porches so much.
It was all that time we spent on Grandma Hunter's porch.
After all that running around, we needed a beverage!!
Thanks for checking in. Hope everyone had a great July!! See you in August.
Thought for the Day“And today the great Yertle, that Marvelous he, Is king of the Mud. That is all he can see. And the turtles of course...all the turtles are free. As turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be.”..Dr Seuss.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Camping - yeehaw!!

PS - There is another post before this one...check it out too!!

We are always happy when we can go camping. Even happier when we get to go and it's sunny!! And, even better, if it's possible that we have an extra day off on Monday July 10th!! Bonus!!

Friday, July 7th, we headed out to one of our favourite camping spots, Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. We love it up here. It will be an action packed weekend as Josh, Kathy, Gus, Jasper are here. So is our nephew, Brandon and his family, Deanna, Mason & Austin. We are also expecting some drop-in guests, Kathy's cousin and her family. Yeah!!! 

Three cousins, ready to ride!!

Little kids, sand and some water. No need to add anything else!

Man, this kid doing the paddling in the front I having a good core work-out!! 

Grandpa Doug on the watch.....

Deanna & Austin....

Now other little cousin, Joey, is here too.
They all got along like best this age!!

Deanna, Kathy & Meagan

Josh & Kathy's happy the water and in the sun!

Wouldn't be camping without it, right?

Back out for an evening walk. Cute, huh?
All the Dads pushing the strollers!

Beautiful pathway down to the footbridge, about 700 meters.

Someone never quite got to the bridge.
Poor Jasper, he's pooped out!
Little Austin, our smallest camper. He's excused for
having a nap too!!

"Most" of the camping crew, well, not the sleeping ones!
Nothing beats a Sunday morning forest bike ride
(some even in their pyjamas)
Pancake making with Grandpa/Great Uncle Doug 

...and more beach time.

Splash down.....


No event is complete without the Nancy "foot shot"

Gorgeous BC forests
Sweet camping set-up.



...and that's a GREAT camping weekend!!!


Thought for the Day: I have more days behind me than ahead of me. I choose to have fun, and be happy.  G. Cherry