Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 15)

Another beach walk today. I know, you are probably getting sick of this routine but we rather like it, sorry! All the way to the far end again.....

At least we are not quite the whitest things on the beach now....

...and when you wait too long while taking the shot....

You can see that the sand is still piled pretty high in some spots but
has certainly settled out in many others....phew!!  

Low tide.....

Always interesting things to see on these rock outcroppings...

Ingenious way to hold down the EZE-UP beach shelters....with a rock!!

Travelling musicians on the beach. Wouldn't you want
to wear all that garb out in the heat??

Almost time for someone's wedding!

Bill whips up a batch o crepes for us to sample. However, he
made enough for the whole park I think!! We had the traditional Mexican
dulce de leche - like a thick caramel coating spread on the crepes....yummy!!
That was the day. We just tried Skyping with Josh, Kathy and boys but the connection is really poor. It's probably the most disappointing thing about this park. The interest is a bit crappy from time to time. Plus, on Saturday nights they have the "relief" caretaker and he always locks everyone out of the laundry room/internet room at 6 pm so you are stuck outside with the substantial road noise. It makes Skyping even harder than it usually is. Rats too because Gus helped decorate a birthday cake for Grandpa and even sung the whole Happy Birthday song, complete with candles!! So cute. We could see it but it was pretty pixelly. We will try again later tonight with them Luckily they are one hour behind us. Hopefully, most of the people in the park will be in bed!!!!! Maybe more band-width for us!
We are sitting outside in the shelter typing right now. Just so you all know, I am staring at a beautiful full moon. Hope wherever you are, you can see it too and know we are thinking about you!! 
Peace and goodnight everyone....(even though it really isn't bedtime yet!)
Thought for the Day: Be yourself. Everyone else is taken…..Oscar Wilde