Monday, 20 April 2020


I am trying (since I seem to have an abundance of time on my hands) to keep up a little with this pathetic little blog. Oh, it was much more interesting at one time with all types of adventures but right now it is in a holding pattern (and of the worst kind). Oh well.....

So, just a little walk around the neighbourhood. It may be COVID-19 but the flowers don't care. I particularly love my dandelions so that is always my motivating factor in flower taking pics.

See for yourself, the beauty that surrounds us.....

No need to ask this little guy to grow. Right in the middle of a construction site. 
Everything else plowed down and out he pops.

Lots of people have asked me over the years why dandelions are my favourite flower. This is why (and what I tell my grandsons). Dandelions are tough. They have a mind of their own. They will grow where ever and whenever they want. From the tiniest crack, to be edge of a building where there seems to be no soil, to the most lovely manicured golf course. They are often the first flower out for the bees thus providing much needed nectar. Plus, much to the utter dismay of precision gardeners, no matter what they do, they keep reappearing every year. It's their little way of thumbing their petals at us all!!

However, just to give props to the other lovely flowers around our 'hood:


Couldn't resist this lovely Monkey Puzzle tree.

Laugh for the day.....
New building going up around the corner. Guess they have to get the 
bathroom up there somehow. Just hope no one was/is in it! (Can you imagine???)

COVID be damned. There is still a lot of beauty in the world. I hope you are all well and trying to enjoy and relish in the "down-time" we have been handed. I also understand that this is a very stressful time for many people. Please, remember to reach out for help. Sometimes just a phone call to a friend or loved one can help.There are also a lot of government sponsored programs to help with anxiety, depression, loneliness. Please take care of yourself. 

Hang in there world - it will get better.

Peace out.

Thought for the DayGreat things are done by a series of small things, brought together....Vincent Van Gogh

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Where to start.....

What a time we are living in. There just isn't much to say that hasn't already been said. Doug and I hope everyone is keeping healthy, safe and staying HOME.

We did end up going to Melaque for a shortened Mexico vacation. We arrived on March 7th and by March 11th it became very apparent that we should never have come. Covid took care of the rest of our "plans". We traveled with our good friends, Bob & Danna and since the tickets were actually booked in Bob's name, he had to be the one to get them changed with West Jet.  This took him quite a few hours over a few days. We were supposed to leave there on March 21st but the earliest we could get out was March 19th. Really, the entire last week was spent in consultation with family, friends, the news reports just trying to wrap our heads around the events that were unfolding. It completely changed the trip for everyone, just like it has changed the whole world. 

So here are a few snippets of our time. It wasn't a total loss. We got to see some of the town we love. Got to see some of the people there that we know. What you don't see was the growing anxiety with what was going on.

Since we flew into Puerto Vallarta we stayed at 
this little hotel right in "Old Town PV". 

The interior courtyard is very pretty

Our first Mexico sunset 

Doug & Bob celebrate our arrival in Puerto Vallarta

On Saturday March 7th, it was a 4 hour bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to Melaque/San Patricio. We really have always enjoyed our time in this little town. Last time we were here was with Euri in 2016. We stayed here at Villa Xochopilli and Irma, the owner. She, at that time, owned the campground next door. She has since sold this campground

Villa Xochopilli

There is a very large lagoon behind the villa. 
This empties to the ocean which is just off to the right side of the picture.

Our first meal at Rosita's Loncheria! 
One of our favourite places here. Doug could hardly wait 
for his first breakfast and it didn't disappoint!!

Rosa has made many, many changes to her restaurant. She used to be across the street with a basic "food trailer" and a few tables. Now she has expanded to this property. She can also do private functions. Good for her!!

The very hard working Rosita and her brother Osvaldo 
who helps out at her restaurant.
She has done a beautiful job (along with help from family members)
changing this plain lot into her restaurant. Fresh herbs growing for her kitchen.

Muy tranquilo.....

Melaque sunset

The rest of the pictures are just a small sampling of our wanderings. Again, it was with very mixed feelings that we continued but we really had no other choice.  

You know these two....

...for Rudy.

...for Gus & Jasper.

Admit it, you were waiting for some version 
of my famous "foot shots", right?

Another hard working beach vendor....

Evening market time....

Danna & Bob

The "flan lady" at the square. We have sampled her baking before
and everything is amazing!!

Then came our trip back to Puerto Vallarta on Thursday, March 19th. I think we were all a little anxious about all the "enclosed spaces" we were about to embark on (4 hours on the bus to start). Everything turned out fine. The PV airport was EXTREMELY busy with SO many people all doing what we were, getting back home. Trust me, there was no social distancing here. We have seen pictures from the next few days after we left and there wasn't a spare inch to stand in so we were really lucky.

Line-up to get into security, complete with infared 
thermal scanning for temperatures.

Our whip home....loading our luggage.

A welcome sight, C-A-N-A-D-A !!!

Our traditional welcome home from our kids is generally done with toilet paper but YIKES, you can't do that right now! "HI" spelled out in bubbly water cans on the floor. 

 Phew. Wine is served on our deck. 
Now our 14 day self-isolation begins....

This is how we visit now, across the lane!
Josh, Kathy, Gus & Jasper (they were here many times)

Bradur, Shannon & Ivy (Josh & Kathy's neighbours) 
came by for a laneway visit as well.

Cindy & Bruce! Pass the wine....

Doug's brother, Don & Diana....Sheesh, this lane hasn't 
ever seen this much action before!!

So after 15 days in isolation, this is as close as we are allowed. If a person 
doesn't think this is HARD, to not hug these two crazy dudes, they are wrong!! 
But, we do as instructed and keep our distance!

More tequila shots with the big kids....still no hugs.

Teagan & Rudy are safe in the Kootenay's (with Shawn).

The dandelions are out. It seems that my 
favourite flower isn't afraid so neither am I....

So, there we are. Well, none of us is quite sure "where" that is. I have always read that it takes a village to raise a child but I really think it also takes a village to get through these challenging times, together but apart. 

We cannot begin to thank everyone enough for their love, friendship and support through this. We had 14 days in self-isolation, not even to take our garbage out (thanks Heather from upstairs). Josh & Kathy for all the groceries for 14 days (and there were plenty). We simply could not have gotten through this without all the "laneway" visits. There were lots of cold and rainy days and still "the people came". We love you all!!

Peace out everyone - PLEASE stay well and healthy!!

Thought for the Day: It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but seeing through things. (Manly P. Hall)