Monday, 11 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 3)

Well, as per Peter's request, here is the day as it unfolded - ha ha ha, should have said "folded" as I did the laundry. This is the type of humour you are reduced to when living in a VW Westfalia.....

A few times each week, the park has people coming through selling various items. First, we had the lady with an absolutely scrumptious looking shrimp salad, still cold. I simply could not fit it in my fridge so we had to say no to that, however, she will return on Thursday with fresh, hot out of her oven, enchiladas. I can hardly wait. About $70 PS (less than $6) for her container. Oh yes, I will report back.

Right on her heels was the shrimp man - I think they may be related or somehow attached to each other. Then it was the veggie/fruit guys. This arrives in the form of a small farm style truck with all manner of things on board. They have a small scale too. They also have tamales and on occasion, fresh loaves of bread. We bought a few little things and two tamales. I did not bring out my camera but I will do so at another point so you can see the "store".

Meanwhile.....Doug did wash the van. He took his time and it was well worth the result!!

We had this charming visitor to the edge of the patio.
Probably about 18" long. Just a little guy.....or girl!

You can see the piece of pear in his mouth that we threw out to him.....

With all that and laundry done too, are you tired yet? (Sorry, Peter - no pictures of the boring laundry job!!) We had lunch and then headed out to the beach for a walk. Pretty nice out there today. I imagine we will say that quite a bit over the next little while.
We walked the other way today, south. It was our goal to get way down
to where you see all that rock outcropping.

Still storm damage repair going on. This place looks like
it needed extensive work at the base of their retaining wall...
Just like at home, seems that there are a lot more
guys standing around watching than "doing"!!
You can just see that little lighthouse on the right, in front of the big island.
That is where we are going! Towards the El Cid Marina and Hotel....
This place was right at the end of the walk, just before the marina.
Looks like they were re-arranging the sand......
Beautiful colours on this water snake - too bad he was dead.
This is what the Mazatlan Messenger had to say about it:
"The yellow-bellied sea snake, Pelamis platurus. The recent phenomenon of sea snakes appearing on the beaches of Mazatlán has the folks at the Aquarium asking beach goers to avoid touching or disturbing the snakes, which are venomous to human beings. The sea snakes are not aggressive and will not voluntarily attack, but if threatened they will bite, the Aquarium advised. And if bitten, the person should immediately seek medical attention.Cold weather and colder water temperatures have forced sea snakes to look for warmth in shallow waters and on sandy beaches along the coast."
.....and here is that lighthouse.
Well, used to be a lighthouse, now just a marker for the marina.
Pretty choppy entrance to the marina canal.....
Then we turned and started walking back. That one grey tower by
itself, just to the left of centre of the picture is where we turn....
Red one is for rip tide - No swimming and if that didn't deter you
enough, white is for jellyfish warning and yellow is for stingray warning.
Needless to say, we stayed on shore!!

This is my haul for the past two days beach walking. I will probably
have to stop soon or we won't get into the van. loving the brown and white sea glass, oh, and the lovely little beach vendor trinket that I saw in the surf - someone will be sad!!! Grey rock has a hole clean through to the other side!!
Dinner is calling!!

Oh, remember those tamales?? Yes, they were delicious!!
So, turned out to be a great day, even with chores to start out with, huh? Not sure what tomorrow will bring but we will figure out something......oh, maybe "someone's birthday!!!
Peace and good night all. 
Gus & Jasper, you to the moon and back!

Thought for the Day: We all smile in the same language.



  1. That paint job on the van was the best money you ever spent. How is that little rust spot on the left side seam holding up?

    How are the bugs there?

    1. Hey Kevin - Doug is really very happy with the van. The small spot is still just that, with a slight touch of a wee bubble. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the work. As for bugs, they are almost none. Although we each are sporting a small bite. Could have been from the beach walk but even when you sit there, you don't have the sand fleas landing on you. Plus, the van door was open last night for quite a while during dinner and that "can" be the kiss of death with bugs, right? But none came in!!

  2. Nice post and a great beach walk! Sea snakes??? Another reason to stay out of the water. The bus looks awesome! I'm sure the laundry does too.

    Cheers, Peter and Shelagh.

    1. It really was quite pretty but neither of us are ocean swimmers anyway, just ocean walkers! Not much bad can happen when you are up to your knees!! Yes, van is beautiful again and so is the laundry!

  3. We are enjoying your walks and the landscape you are around. Our's is white,
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Well, our landscape is almost white too!! Sand that is, well maybe a bit "sandy" coloured!! Stay well, you two!

  4. We haven't seen any snakes yet this season, maybe we are warmer cuz we are further south:))

    What a huge awning you have, lovely.

    1. It's called a Shady Boy. Extremely light weight and one person can put it up (even me!. We love it!!