Saturday, 23 November 2013

Real Time Birthday Wishes

I know, this has turned into a birthday blog!! Just seems to be the way it is for the month of November!!

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Doug's brother, Duane. We hope that you have had a great day today!!

We had some help today with the sign. Doug's other "little" brother, Don was here......

We all hope you are enjoying yourself!!
Cheers friends!!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Belated Birthday catch-up time

Birthday wishes. They are so important in our world, aren't they? I mean, just a simple thing really, but everyone likes them. Well, it seems that I have been remiss in updating my calendar and I have missed a number of VERY important ones....and in my own family!!!!

To be fair, I started the white board and virtual birthday wishes because we were away for a good portion of the year, so it was, and continues to be, a work in progress. Lots of fun, but still, a work in progress! I didn't always do the white board/blog wishes at the beginning but I kinda morphed it into something bigger than first imagined!! Some people got "real" birthday wishes and cards in person when we were in town but no blog wishes (sorry)!! To really wonder about my loyalties, even Doug and my daughter-in-law, Kathy, did not get a white board wishes in January as we were in town!!!

The Beatty family. They are Kathy's (our daughter-in-law) family, so they are our family. We look forward to seeing them whenever we come into "town". I have missed a BUNCH of them on the blog.  I won't make any sap sorry excuses for myself (....right, Dayle?). I could have just said one big, collective, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all, and try and do MUCH better next year but, hey, I will try and be better than that here.

So, I thought about what I would have said, if I had been on the ball enough to get them all done in proper order!! In chronological order, here they are!

January 1st
You were the first and yes, I know....I suck!!
 January 12th
We actually were in town and gave her a "real" card. I imagine that my
daughter-in-law will eventually forgive me for not actually having it ON the blog!!
I guess I didn't have it all together after being wowed with our adorable Gus!!
March 27th 
Ted is Josh's great friend and brother-in-law and
his birthday is 2 days before Josh's!! I could never forget that!!
 April 15th
Thanks Meagan - you are still patient with me!!
(Don't listen to anything Ted says about me.....okay?)
May 26th
I just think you are a joyous, fantastic, wonderful person.....
who does NOT have an "H" at the end of your name!!

September 28th
Thanks, Mel  for feeding us homeless people when we are here!!
You always make "mi casa su casa" and we always feel welcome!!
November 8th 
You know I LOVE you Dayle, right??
I think it will take years to get back in your good graces,
especially after the Facebook fiasco!
So that's that. I do apologize. Of course, I know Kathy's birthday is January 12th. She is our awesome daughter-in-law and I would NEVER forget hers but we were in town and she got the "real" card!! Kathy's dad Rick, has his birthday the day before mine so there's NO forgetting that one!!  I actually did acknowledge his on the blog in June.
I am going to go and stand in the corner for the rest of the day now. Next year is coming, I will TRY and do better!!
Cheers friends!!
(at least you who are still are my friends......)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A duck and his truck

I've got nothing to say.....those that know me will laugh at the absurd nature of that statement!!

Just our favourite duck and his new push/ride 'em truck.....

 Watch out world, one day Gus really will be out driving!!
.....Be VERY afraid!!!!
Life has just never been the same since Gus came into our's SO much better!!
As far as the travel plans are going.......they are coming along nicely and we will bring you all up to speed in December!!
No, sadly, the duck and his truck are not allowed (by Mom and Dad) to come....yet!!
Cheers friends!!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Happy Birthday and Pancakes

See what I mean about this being THE birthday month!! We have more birthday wishes for our great friend, Al Unrau. You may remember that Al & wife Colleen travelled to Mexico with us last year.

Mexico Al, we hope you have had a great day! We are sure that it has included just a wee shot or two of tequila!! So, without further ado....

We had a great day today. Josh, Kathy & Gus were here for a pancake brunch. We hope that Maggie didn't mind sharing the space with a busy little boy!! She is a very kind and gentle little dog and seemed to be as curious about Gus as he was about her!
"Whoa, who said you could hang out on MY blanket??"

I WILL share the blanket, but not my toy

I'll just watch from over here....

Brunch is served. No, we do not know what Gus is reaching for!!
 Alright, even a big guy needs a nap...

 Now that I'm up...who is THIS handsome guy??
Hey Grandma, look at the camera!!

 Time for a hug...(always)

 From Gus & Grandma.....we hope you all have a great day, we did!!
Goodness, I LOVE spending my day with this little guy.
Cheers friends!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Happy Birthday

Can you believe that there can be so many birthday's in one month!??

This time it is Daniel Tamas, our nephew. HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to you!!

We are sure you won't be checking the blog. Pretty sure that you are out with friends, having fun at the pub, legally this time!!

Meanwhile, it was monsoon time here in the lower mainland of Vancouver (New Westminster). Sounds like there is more to come in the next few days. Get your wellington's out everyone. See below, our charge, Maggie, has her raincoat on for one of our walks today. If the rains keep coming, we will need life jackets here!!
See you later everyone!! Hope we don't get washed away!!
Cheers friends!!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Life in New Westminster

We had a great time at Josh & Kathy's. On Tuesday, we took Gus out to my old office for a visit. Super fun to see nearly everyone (sorry we missed you, Lexi!!). After that it was off to a coffee at Starbucks then a haircut. He was an exceptionally well behaved little guy and pretty much stole the show everywhere he went.

Someone is getting measured...he grows like a bad weed!! Josh & Kathy mark
his growth on the trim around the door to his room. I told them they will
have to pull it off and replace it when they move!!

Walking practice.....


I am expecting a call, any day now, to say he can really do it on his own!!!
We headed over to Bob & Danna's in New Westminster on Wednesday. They are off to their cruise with their kids (hey, there's a theme this year....) out of Florida. I am sure they will have an amazing time together!! With that, it's our duty now to house and dog sit.It's not hard to house and dog sit for friends. We have known our charge, Maggie the Schnauzer, for about 7 or 8 years. She's a good girl and we have enjoyed her company!
Their condo is right on the busy Fraser River. I have blogged about this before but it never
gets old for us, being here.
View to the left....
and to the right....

And here is our charge, Maggie!!
More updates as more fun comes along!
Cheers friends!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Happy Birthday!

This has definitely turned into THE birthday month in my family!!

We are wishing my sister, Susann, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!! We hope you have a great, relaxing day off!! 

Cheers friends!!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Happy Birthday Wishes

Really happy to wish our great friend, Colleen, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, yesterday!!

Colleen and Al travelled down to Mexico with us last year and they are there again, in La Penita, enjoying an early Mexican winter. So, to you our friend, we hope you had a great day. 

I held off sending this yesterday in honour of my Remembrance Day post. Hope you don't mind!! Have a tequila on us!!

Also, it's three more birthday's today. Our brother-in-law, Brian Johnston, who lives in Medicine Hat.
The other two birthday's are for our great niece and nephew, Meagan & Regan Johnston. They are Brian's grandkids. How cool is it to be born on your Grandpa's birthday!! Anyway, they turn 13 years old today!! Those driving lessons can't be too far off!! (Sorry to their Mom and Dad!!)
Happy Birthday to you all!!
Cheers friends!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance Day

Special time of year.....

Hope everyone took some time to remember and give the utmost thanks today (well, actually everyday) to all our military personnel, past and present who have sacrificed so much in order to give us the type of country we are proud to call Canada.

We spent our day at the cenotaph in Cloverdale (Surrey, BC). It is the community that we have spent most of our lives in and one that we are always glad to go back to. Josh, Kathy, Gus, Doug & I met some of Kathy's family there. Ted, Meagan, Dayle & Hanna. It is always a moving service and is extremely well attended by the community. We are happy to see it growing every year. So important to let our vets, young and old, know that we will NEVER forget their sacrifices for all of us.
Standing room only....everywhere.


 A veteran standing in front of Josh & Kathy was happy to see someone so young
as Gus there. He reached into his pocket and gave Josh a special coin with
two poppies on it for Gus. I am sure he will have that for a long time.....

Take two minutes.......

This is always one of my favourite parts. When everyone goes up and quietly places their poppies on the cenotaph. My other favourite part is when the vets are marching into
and out of the ceremony, so proud, with everyone it.

 Gus gets to see it all for the first time.

 That says it all, doesn't it?

Hey, notice that someone lost a shoe!!
(look behind Doug....)
With the ceremony is complete, we headed off to have lunch and toast our vets. Then it was off to Crescent Beach for a nice walk. It couldn't have been a better day! 


Dayle, Josh, Kathy, Gus, Hanna & Doug

Remember.....Land of the Free Because of the Brave.
Peace everyone.