Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bucerias (Day 3): Brazilian Day!!

Well, we have another Happy Birthday, tomorrow for our nephew, Kyle Beglaw, who lives in Medicine Hat, AB.

We were thinking of you, Kyle, and we hope that tomorrow, May 1st, you have a great day!!

Word of the Day: Complejo (Com-play-sho)
                             Complex or hotel

Well, what can a person say about this type of resort/hotel living? It's nice to have virtually no decisions to make all week. The biggest decision is where to eat and which chair to lay upon for the duration of the day.....and we are okay with that for the week. Could a person live like this all the time? Not likely, but for a week, yup!!

 Heading to the town of Bucerias...

 I know, Bob and Danna!!

 He is never far from our thoughts!!

Hard working young fellow - selling drinks...
We walked all along the beach down to the market area of Bucerias. It was nice to feel the sand beneath our feet. Never get tired of that!! After awhile, we stopped for a few beer. They tasted pretty darn good, too! Even for me, who is not a beer drinker!!

Back at the resort, we had a nice lunch and then headed for an afternoon hanging out by the pool.

 Ready for dinner....Brazilian fare tonight!!
 Me and my tall friend, Danna....

 Brazilian fare seems to include an unusually large amount of meat - most of it was over-cooked. Bit disappointing but, hey, that's what happens when you try new things!!

 Come on, scoop it on!!

That's it for the day!! 
It was a really nice, relaxing day. Hope you all had the same!! We will see what tomorrow brings!!
Cheers friends!!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Bucerias (Day 2)

Word of the Day: Alberca (Al-burka) OR Piscina (Piss-keena)
                             Swimming pool

Of course, we started out by sleeping in until 8:15 am, but then that should not surprise any of you!! We met Bob and Danna for breakfast. Afterwards, they walked into the market in Bucerias, about 1 mile away, and we lounged around the poolside. It is a hard life.....

 Yes, indeed...

 I think Doug likes it too!!

 Mr. Big Pants arrives.....

...and his family too!!
That was it. I know, we are perpetually lazy and relaxed but, hey, that is why we are here.
We had a great dinner with our buddies, Bob and Danna, at the Mediterranean restaurant, over by Building 6 (for those who know the place). It was amazing: Certainly puts to rest all those ideas that all-inclusive foods are sub-par. I know, that many years ago being at an all-inclusive was like feeding at a trough. That has NOT been the way for a very long time. There is simply too much competition out there to not have great food and services. We have been very pleased and tonight's dinner certainly raised the bar. Tomorrow night we are dining at one of the on-site restaurants that serves Brazilian fare. Watch out for my title for that blog post!! There is NO extra charge to eat at these spots, only a bit of advance planning. In order to eat at these a-la-carte restaurants, "someone" in your group (...aka Bob) has to come down to the lobby at 7:30 am to put in the reservations. You can now do 2 days at a time. (Susann, take note of these lovely foodie pictures!!)

 Travelling and dining buddies. Actually, just buddies in general!!

 Beautifully presented lasagna.....

 Doug had Salmon Medallions on rice...

 Right to the bottom right of that bright light is our suite...

 Nightly show. We will catch more of these this week...

Exhausted party ducks.....
Yup, that was the day. Enjoyed the pool and a few drinks and LOTS of nice cold water and lime.
Tonight, as we sit in the lobby for internet, there is a family a little ways away that has brought out a guitar and doing a sing-along with the entire family, including Grandma in a wheelchair. So nice. Whoever is singing is really good and the elderly family members in the group are really enjoying themselves. I would assume that the singer is a grandchild. Imagine how wonderful that feels to them. Thanks for letting us listen in on your special time. Love it......
Okay, just because we are here, doesn't mean that we aren't keeping an eye on that beautiful grandson of ours!!
His parents say, please ignore the laundry pile....what laundry pile???
Love you, buddy!!!!
Cheers friends!! Wish we could have more family and friends here with us!!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

VdJ to Bucerias

Word of the Day: Semana (Se-mana)

We left Valle de Juarez about 8:20 am this morning. It is a nice drive over to the coast to the Bucerias/Puerto Vallarta area. Unfortunately, Euri does not have air-conditioning so it does get a bit warm, but we don't mind!! It takes about 6 hours to reach Bucerias. It was well worth the drive!! 

The Royal DeCameron is comprised of 6 main buildings with rooms and some additional entertaining buildings. There are five pools and many bars. It is really clean and lush. Trees everywhere - oh, and the ocean too!! Pretty much the best of all worlds!! Our building is not on the ocean, but rather on the street directly behind the main buildings. It sounds like a bit of a walk but it is just across the street and into a nice lobby (...not even a street really). From there, it's straight past some more pools to the ocean. All in all, about a 2 minute walk from the building we are in.......

That's our room, right up top, under the pink edge.....WAVE!!! 
...and this is our view for the week...pretty sweet!!

  Getting acquainted with the lay-out.... 

 Oh look - we found one of the first bars!!

You will probably be seeing lots of us this next week!!
So we are here and settled. Went out for one of the nice dinners tonight, just at the buffet. It was very nice food, mostly Asian cuisine. We all enjoyed it and followed everything up with a few coffees and a Kahlua or two!!
Should be an action packed week - stay tuned!!! (It might be sunny.....just sayin')
Cheers friends!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

VdJ (Day 60): Tianguis & Carnitas

Word of the Day: Desayuno (Desi-yoono)

Market day, but first...breakfast - Mexican style. We went to our favourite breakfast hang-out in Valle de Jaurez, La Cocinita. Very traditional Mexican breakfast and always good, especially the café de olla (which is boiled coffee with a hint of cinnamon and sugar - we normally like our coffee black, but this is great for a change!!) and freshly squeezed orange juice....hope Bob and Danna like it as much as we do!!

 Our faithful travelling companions!!

Very traditional cooking stove, wood-fired!!
 My favourite, the orange juice making station!!


Danna "tries" to buy a hat....didn't work out!!
You can keep on borrowing mine, my friend!!
 Now, on to our favourite part. Carnitas at El Retiro Restaurant!!

 Now, that's a paddle!!

 Our next favourite thing - paletas
We checked out one of the local tortillerias. Fresh corn tortillas. Really love going by these spots. So many people have their favourite one in town. I love the smell and the sound of the machine. You can buy however many you want. The nice ladies just weigh them on the scale for you... 
Bob, checking out the technique!

 ...and that's a lot of dough!!

  ...and out they come!!
So, after all that walking around, we went back past El Retiro and Chema invited us in for a nice cold beer. Thanks Chema, Irma, Christian and Sandra. 

So, onto the surprise for next week. We are heading to Bucerias (just north of Puerto Vallarta) for a one week stay at the Royal Decameron Resort. Should be fun!! We wanted to make sure that Bob and Danna got their beach fix while they were here. Should be lots of exploring we can do and lots of just sitting at the poolside. Hey, I've heard that "someone" could maybe bring us drinks!! How wild is that??!! Anyway, stay tuned for that adventure. Takes about 5 hours to get there from here.
Packing is done and we are off to bed!!
Cheers friends!!