Monday, 31 December 2018

December & Adios 2018

Well, for those who thought I would NEVER get it we are!!

First, Gus turned 6 on December 12th:

Gus wanted lobster for his birthday. 
We bought one already cooked...he was impressed!

How did 6 years go by so fast???

So we had a "mini-party" at our house for Gus' birthday. 
Unfortunately  Jasper had pneumonia and had to spend two nights 
in the hospital. He came home the next day.....thankfully he's fine.
Mom and Dad did the "real" party once Jasper was home.

Christmas always creeps up on me. Every year I think I'm going to be uber organized and have everything wrapped by the beginning of December.....not. However, we always enjoy it all:

For many years we went to Dogwood Tree Farm in Langley BC for our Christmas trees ( In fact, we went for years when our kids were younger (even the teenage years!) but then we got an artificial tree and stopped going. So nice that Josh wanted to resurrect this family tradition.  

This old abandoned house is just up the street from Dogwood. I often wondered 
about the family that used to live here. Isn't it incredible looking? 
How many memories are within those walls.....

So, now it's almost :that time of year" right?

Rudy and Santa - deep in conversation.

That Santa, he really gets around!
Our favourite Kootenay family....ready for Santa!!
Doug with one of his 9 batches of fudge. We give pretty 
much all of it away. He has become an institution!!

Another tradition we always had was going for a Christmas Eve walk at Crescent Beach in Surrey.  We would pack up hot dogs, hot chocolate and walk with flashlights. Down by the little pier we met a group of scuba divers who would do their own version with a Christmas Eve scuba dive every year. They would dive with glow sticks so they could see each other. Super cool.We didn't see them this year. I wondered what happened to them. 

This year, we started this tradition again (I'm big on traditions). We didn't do snacks. Maybe next year, but the walk was gorgeous. Not a breath of wind. Makes one very thankful for all they have. 

The beautiful Gold Ears Mountain range. 
It's among these mountains that we camped at Thanksgiving.

Josh & Kathy 
That is the little pier behind them that the scuba divers always went to.

Our mini-skinny Christmas tree.

Now, this is Christmas.....this says it all.

Hand painted paper.....

Merry Christmas from us all!!!

New Years Eve found us at our very dear friend's Bob & Danna's place in 
New Westminster. They came and visited us in Mexico in Valle deJuarez 
in 2013 for three weeks.They are best of friends....we love them!!

You may notice a theme for the evening....

Bob & Danna live right on the Fraser River. In the past, we have 
stayed here and done some house-sitting for them. 
Beautiful location on our mighty working river.

Yes, we may have had a few cocktails but we stayed overnight so no driving!!

Happy New Year everyone!!
Here's to a great 2019!!

It's been a fabulous year. We did make the decision earlier this year not to head south until the end of 2019. So, one more year of work for us. But that's okay. All the reasons were good sound, responsible ones. We will survive another year of work!!

Our wish to you all is a wonderful year full of good health, love, joy, travel or whatever floats your boat. We can hardly wait!!!


Thought for the Day: You have to count on living every single day in a way you believe will make you feel good about your life so that if it were over tomorrow, you'd be content....Jane Seymour.