Saturday, 27 June 2015


We were taken on a most delightful adventure by our wonderful friends, Bob & Danna. They wouldn't tell us where we were going, only that we were headed for a picnic and to wear comfortable shoes. Oh, and sunscreen, lots of sunscreen!!

Our destination was Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. It is quite amazing that we live in this beautiful city and so often many of us don't stop and take the time to really enjoy it. Like Doug said, many people come here everyday to enjoy this beautiful spot and it's right on our doorstep!

Come on along - just not sure if there is enough food for you all!!

Beautiful walkways when you first enter the park.
Lots of parking...


Then there is the art of finding just the right picnic spot!


We had a marmot take this picture...... 

Remember this guy who had a heart condition a while back.
Now he is clambering up rock faces with flip flops on......don't tell his heart specialist!!



Then you can walk down to East Beach.....

Look at that city!!!! Mount Baker in the background....

Head Billy Goat - Bob!!


Now we didn't have enough of a challenge with the rest of the hike.
We headed out on the Juniper Loop for another.....

But it brought us out to here.....well worth it!





Walking back along the "sort of" path (wrong turn by us) we noticed
how dry, parched and dead even the ferns were. They should be huge and lush.
Pretty worrisome. We really do need rain.....

After that it was off to the viewpoint at Cypress Mountain Ski Hill.


Indeed it was!!!
Like all our times spent with these amazing friends, we finished off a great day with more laughter, great food and plenty of cold, pink wine!!


That was quite the fantastic adventure, wasn't it. Glad you could all come along. Our thanks to Bob and Danna for an amazing day out together. Love you guys!!!
PS - Also a bit late, but wanted to wish our great kids, Josh & Kathy, a very Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary (June 26th) - You guys rock!!! (plus your kids are pretty cute too!!)
Thought for the Day: Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time.....  

Sunday, 21 June 2015


What a great few days!! First of all, MANY thanks to everyone for their awesome birthday wishes to me!!

I am the luckiest person in the world to have so many people that take the time to wish me well, wish me Happy Birthday and who love me (despite my flaws - which are a'plenty!!). You guys have all stuck around with me for a long, long time so I guess I have finally grown on all of you!!!

It was a busy few days. First of all, on Thursday night, we headed back to Nanaimo for an overnight visit at Sue & Lacey's to retrieve the rest of the tools, etc out of the garage for Doug. Poor old Euri, stacked to the gills with moving essentials, again!!

We always enjoy a trip up to the Coombs Market (Goats on the Roof). The bright colours, sounds, smells. It can't be beat! We also enjoyed some very, very good, authentic Mexican tacos for lunch. The owner of the small restaurant is the chef and he is from Sayulita (north of Puerto Vallarta). Very good!! 

Artful mustard tower.....
I think I'd like the one in row 7, third from the left please!!

Jerry - Hot sauce galore here!!!!


Susan and I enjoy some nice sister time in the sun...

Steaming back home on Friday to White Rock...
Next up was my great and awesome day on Saturday. Again, thanks to everyone for making it special. LOVED our time with the kids for dinner at our place.
Thanks Gus, Josh, Kathy & Jasper for the balloons and the awesome hoody!
I was pretty excited for balloons - can't remember the last time I had them!!
Fresh, BC Sockeye salmon on the plank!
Thanks Doug & Gus!!

Oh boy - cake time!!!

Gus and Grandpa cranked up the guitar. There will
be many more of these sessions coming up!!
Then, of course, today is Father's Day! Doug and I were both extremely fortunate to have had amazing and strong men in our lives. Our Dad's were both tough, loving, inspirational and dedicated men. We miss them both. They have been gone from our lives for may years, but never are they gone from our hearts......
Arnold Christian Beglaw and Leslie Peter Tamas
Of course, it is my privilege to have such an amazing man be the dad to our kids. Doug, you are a joyful role-model, a loving dad and also an inspiration to our kids. I know they are blessed to have you in their lives. Thanks for always being there for everyone.
Last, but certainly not least, Josh. It is a true joy to watch you with your sons now. Seeing you as such a loving father makes Dad and I so very proud of you. Thanks.........
First, brunch with my Mom....

Jasper and Auntie Mary's head......

Dig in!!!

Not sure if there is enough food!!!

Another great dinner at the Beatty's!

The three Musketeers......Doug, Gus & Rick!

Pool noodle rodeo!!

So, that is quite a lot of celebrating in just a few days, huh?  Once again, we were treated to a wonderful dinner at Mel & Rick's place. Always, our thanks to you both for a great time!! You are both a great set of friends and in-laws!!
Phew.....I have to go back to work just to rest up for the next weekend!!!
Again, thanks to everyone for all the love ALL weekend long!!
Thought for the Day: