Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Well, here we are. It seems that we are always surprized when this day comes around so quickly each year!!

We are thankful for so much that this post will not be large enough to contain it all. Mostly though, we are thankful for our family and friends. Our children are the greatest joy in our lives. Our daughter, Teagan and her husband Shawn in Edmonton. Our son, Josh and his wife Kathy and our adorable grandson, Gus who live in White Rock. Our Moms, Helen Beglaw and Nadyne Tamas. All our siblings. Our friends. We are very lucky, very fortunate to be surrounded by the love of all these people.... 

I am thinking about what Santa will bring me...
I will go to sleep so Grandma will STOP singing!!
Like Father, like son!!
Thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful wishes and congratulations over the last few days and weeks on the blessed, safe arrival of August "Gus" Alan Beglaw.
We wish everyone a wonderful, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah.
"It is in the shelter of each other that we live"
Peace everyone.....

Friday, 21 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas!

We have been hangin' out in the Lower Mainland doing lots of visiting with family and friends. We really enjoy that. Weather has been pretty lousy, but, hey, it's Vancouver and that is what it's like here in the winter.

Meanwhile, we have gotten some good snugglin' time with Gus. So, here's the update!

Paul Clarke took this amazing photo, and I "borrowed" it from him!
(don't worry, he is friends with Josh & Kathy)
I will hold your hand forever.....
Kathy and her boys...Gus and Josh!
That's all for today. We want to extend our BEST wishes to our friend, Al Unrau, who is retiring today from M.A. Stewart. CONGRATULATIONS, Al! Yes, retirement is all it's cracked up to be!! Throw away your alarm clock!!
Peace everyone!!

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Well, naturally, there has to be a Gus update!! Here is, likely, the MOST adorable baby, ever, now comfy at home!!


On Saturday, we headed over to Canada Place to see the Christmas trees and the old windows from Woodwards Department Store, which, for those not familiar with Vancouver, was one of the oldest department stores here. They always had wonderful window displays for Christmas. Our day started with a ride on the Seabus that takes you across the Vancouver harbour, from North Vancouver to Vancouver centre.
Lovely grey Vancouver winter skies!!
The Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre
They have great displays, some left over from the Olympics...
Doug wins first place (of something....) 
Doug & Nadyne, my Mom
These displays are likely over 75 years old.....
Lonsdale Quay Market
So, that was the past few days. Thanks for checking in with us!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's a BOY!!!!

Well, this is probably one of the most wonderful days we have had...ever!!

August "Gus" Alan Beglaw arrived this morning at 2:39 a.m. He tops the scales at 8 lbs-13 oz. A most lovely, adorable little man. Yes, a very wonderful day to be born,12-12-12!!!

The very happy new family of ours!!
Pretty stoked Grandpa Doug
...and equally stoked Grandma Nancy
VERY proud new Dad, Josh, and VERY proud new Grandpa Doug!!
No one said it would feel like this. You think you will understand what it's like when your child has a child. There can be no other more amazing thing. We are so very proud of Josh & Kathy and we know they will be the most amazing parents to little Gus. How is it that you can love someone, so completely, when you have just met them...we do though!!
...I have loved you for a thousand years,
I'll love you for a thousand more...

Welcome to the world our little Gus-We Love you!!
Peace Everyone!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Happy Tuesday

Hi everyone!

Did you notice that I added the email alert box at the top right side of the blog so you could add your email addresses? That way you get the alert if I post, which will happen on a more regular basis soon enough. We have pinpointed our departure date for southbound to Mexico is January's coming!! Anyway, I hope some of you will take advantage of the alert system. If you start following a blog, and for one reason or other, at some point, the people don't post as often as they were, it's easy to forget about checking it. At first, you check everyday then that falls away. Anyway, I hope some of you will use it....

Not much new to report here. We have had a nice little run of dry weather the last few days and it is a welcome respite to the grey and dark skies that are normally here this time of year. We took advantage of it and had a nice roaring fire in the fire pit in my sister's backyard. Was nice, almost like camping only we could come inside to a nice bed!! 
This definitely looks like "camping, fire pit food" 
The tequila glass is empty...hmmm....
Well, that's all I have. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our first grandchild. Josh and Kathy are as ready as any first-time parents can be. We will definitely let everyone in the WORLD know about that as soon as it happens!!
Take care everyone and don't forget to sign up for your email alerts. Let me know in the comments section if you have!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Betty Crocker....

...I am not.

However, I do enjoy simple baking and I really like Rice Krispie squares!! I know, it doesn't get much more basic than that, does it? Plus, it must be near Christmas, since they come in green & red!! What I always remember, is that when I made this when the kids were teenagers, they would cut weird shapes out of the middle of the pan, in random spots. You could leave the room and it was perfect and then, like ninjas, one of them would end up in the kitchen and wham-mo, a shape was cut in it!! Some things will always be important to me and this memory is one of them. I hope that next time they are at the house they do the very same thing. It makes me miss them!!

Sorry, I know, lame excuse for a post but telling you all about rain, grey, cold, dark & wind isn't much interesting either, so I picked the lesser of two evils!!
Go bake something fun!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We wanted to wish all our US friends, near and far, a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope that you all get to spend your special time, just where you want to. With family or not, with friends or not. Just so long as you are able to give thanks.....

We took this picture this past summer at the Blaine,WA crossing.

"Children of a common mother"
To our friends and neighbours......PEACE TO ALL
We also changed our blog look. What do you all think? Hope you like it. We took the header shot in Lo de Marcos on the Pacific Ocean, just north of Sayulita.
Cheers & Peace!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Cooking on the Road

Okay, I know, shocking that I would post AGAIN, right after last nights' post but I just had to share something that I bought that I am SUPER stoked about!! It's the RoadPro 12 Volt, 1.5 Qt slow cooker. Perfect size for 2 people travelling..... 

Here's how I found out about this. We follow a blog called DriveNachoDrive. Brad & Sheena are from Arizona and travel in their VW Westie (surprized? I think not....) They have gone all through Mexico, Central America and are now down in Argentina. Check out their travels (

Anyway...they were talking about this little piece of equipment and how nice it was driving along and smelling their stew cooking!! I ordered one and I am SO freakin' excited to give it a try. I told Doug that we only had to use it once to replace a "travel day" restaurant meal, which we hate, and it would pay for itself ($30 US including shipping to Blaine WA). Heck, you can even use it in a car. Just plug it into your 12 V cigarette lighter (gotta be a use for those afterall, right?) I will even use it if we have to go into a hotel. We always have our dishes and cutlery with us afterall!! What always happens on our travel days is that by the time we check into a campground, usually after a 6 to 8 hour commute, we rush around to get set-up and the day is nearly done. We really like to head out for a walk to check things out but often can't go far as darkness is approaching and we don't want to get stuck cooking in the dark. Problem solved. I will let you know how it works out.  

As you can see, it even has a tie-down for the lid and the crock part lifts out for easy cleaning. We ordered it on Amazon.....

(In fact, I am so exicted about it, I am tempted to make something and drive around Nanaimo for 8 hours so I can see how GREAT it will be!! - ha ha ha). Just imagine, all those long travelling days we will have when we head back to Valle de Juarez in Mexico in January. I will have dinner on the go everyday!!!! 

Have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Family, Remembrance, Friends

How is everyone? Sorry for the absence. We have been over in Vancouver. We had a couple of things going on.

Nancy's family get together

Since we got my Mom all settled, we thought it would be fun to have a get-together with all my family at her new place. Great time. Had a nice dinner with everyone. We had a special toast to Mom. Many years ago, my Dad used to make Loganberry wine. We found the very last bottle of this port-like wine when Mom was moving (made in 1969). Especially great to have his hand-writing on it too! We strained it and polished up the bottle. We thought it fitting to have a toast to Mom with Dad's special wine!

Mom (Nadyne) Nancy, Mark, Susann, Julie

Me and my buddy....

Remembrance Day

Our son, Josh, organises the family to go to the Remembrance Day services at the Cloverdale (Surrey) cenotaph. Doug and I are always proud of this. When he and Teagan were little kids, we used to watch the ceremonies together, even if just on television. We talked alot about it. We are glad that it matters....

March in by our vets....

Always take 2 minutes to give thanks, please....
It is tradition to leave your own poppy at the cenotaph after the ceremonies....
Our tradition, a trip to Dublin Crossing Pub to give a toast and to warm up!!
REALLY warming up at Josh & Kathy's...
Friends return from Italy
Our very dearest friends, Bob & Danna, recently returned from their own adventure in Treviso, Italy (20 minute train ride from Venice). They lived in Treviso for 6 months. It was an amazing time for them. Check out their blog:
One of the many,many things they did was go to a special winery in Proseco country and bring back this bottle of rose proseco to share with us. I think it tasted all the more better because of who we shared it with!
Bob & Danna live on the Fraser River in New Westminster, BC. This whole area is a working river front and also has an amazing residential area. It is so interesting to watch the goings-on of this great river. Enjoy the walk!!

Everyone should have friends like Bob & Danna. We are so very glad that they are in our lives.....  

Just some wise words from our friends, for all of us to enjoy!!
Cheers, til next time!!