Saturday, 30 January 2016

Day 2 - The Riu

Spent a lovely day in the sand and sun (but not too much sun). Visiting and loving it. My Mom she's a gamer and is keen for any gathering and good for any toasts we may do. Love having her here with us.

View from Mom's room!

Grandpa and the bar! 

Then there was a good hour of sand time.....

These hands.....(Paula and Jerry will get it.)

...he's back!!

Isn't that EVER so pretty???? Remarkably though, it
does feel better than yesterday. It is turning a lovely shade of purple!


The posse

These boys really like the water!!
Kids pool area - where the real fun happens!!

Like this - Jasper was not nearly so impressed with the slide though!!
Peace - time for dinner!!
Thought for the Day: You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.



  1. Looks like a wonderful time together. Hope your ankle will heal soon, looks nasty. Here in SMA we study the sidewalk when we walk, if we want to look at something we pull over and stop, just to prevent a face plant...

  2. Hope your mishap doesn't slow you down too much. But good excuse to just sit and enjoy.

  3. I hope that isn't cellulitis. Watch for infection but it looks beautiful there.

  4. Sure do get "the hands" Nancy, but so sorry about your foot. Ouch! We hope it doesn't hold you back from having lots of family fun time. The boys are so cute. Enjoy, amigos! See you soon! :)

  5. OMG Nancy. Your foot looks awful. Hopefully, by the time I catch up on your blogs, it will be better. Sending good thoughts your way!!