Friday, 15 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 7)

If the veggie guys are here, it must be......Friday (or Monday or Wednesday) but we will settle on Friday. I love this. Can we not arrange for this same type of thing at home please??? They always throw in a few extra oranges or something as well. It is the gentleman's "esposa" or wife that made the great tamales that we had earlier this week.. I think I will order four for our dinner one night next good!

Has a scale, roll of bags, etc. Everything you could need.
Today, bread too!!!

They go to lots of the trailer parks and the marina as well....

One of the campers is having their van painted. The guys have spent quite a bit
of time here this week doing fibreglass repairs and sanding, sanding, sanding....

One of the painters snazzy little cars. They paint right beside it?!

This guy seemed to check his phone quite a bit. Doug thought maybe
he was on Google checking "How to paint a car"!!
After that it was off to the beach for a little while of reading and checking out the scenery. There is just something about sitting on a beach, hearing the waves crash around, that is is for us anyway.

Water is actually pretty warm.
Too bad I am not a brave ocean swimmer.....pretty rough too!

Doug digesting a good book....."All the Way to Argentina"
by Bill and Carol Sirimarco. About their adventures driving (in the 70's) from USA to Argentina with 4 of their 5 kids and a friend in their Pace Arrow Motorhome - when there was no internet to do road research for the trip. You just went!!!

Doug likes his office!!

This guy worked pretty hard to get this kite up in the air.....
Yup, that's him, way out there.
Watch out for the jellyfish & stingrays!! 

Peace and goodnight everyone

Thought for the Day: What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul....Yiddish Proverb


  1. Doug thought maybe he was on Google checking "How to paint a car"!! doubt!

  2. Another beautiful day in paradise, wish we had spent more time in Mazatlan when we were together, our way also to spend the days.

    1. We are definitely feeling your absence down here, Senor Al & Senora Colleen!! Stay well!!