Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Oasis CA to Amado AZ (629 kms/391 miles)

Road day....again!! By now you are all familiar with this drill. Not much to report but some interesting things to see for sure. Predominantly dry and sand, that is until the freaking POUNDING rain.

Yes, Doug and Nancy are travelling again so it would stand to reason that it will rain. I do believe the folks around these parts are rather happy to see us since they are starved for rain!!

Leaving the Desert Shores area this morning....

Near Winterhaven AZ (Not far from Yuma.....sand dunes everywhere)
People will camp pretty much anywhere and the "sand rails"/dune
buggies are a bi thing here.
Coming down into Dome Valley AZ.....quite pretty!
(I know, hard to tell on a misty and dull day)


Road lunches - not too glamorous

...but they work okay! Oh, and they are cheap!!
...and then the rain started. Slow at first, then POUNDING!!!

This doesn't show the half of it. I actually stopped driving and Doug took over
when I could no longer see the road properly to my liking. Especially when all the big trucks and cars started putting their flashers on!! (I know, wimp!!)

Picacho Peak, just south of Phoenix. So pretty - oh look, no rain!!
Mountain View RV Park - Amado AZ

Nothing to write home about, that's for sure but it will do for one night.
People beside us on the left are from Nanaimo BC - small world indeed!!
That's a road day and a half. Thanks for checking in with us. We always can feel and appreciate everyone's presence and good thoughts.

Hey, look who is never far from our sights!!
Superman Gus and his little sidekick, Jasper!! 
Guess what??!! Tomorrow is M-E-X-I-C-O!!!! We are pretty stoked. I am always a little nervous of the paperwork but Doug is not so that's good. He is the leader in this adventure. I just tag along for fun!! OH, and the wine (cheap wine!!).
Plan is to be in San Carlos, Sonora MX tomorrow evening. If you don't hear from us in a timely manner, send more wine!!
Thought for the Day: Choose your thoughts wisely because they are the energy that creates your life.…Frida Kahlo
Painter....Mexican self-portrait artist and feminist icon who was married to Diego Rivera.


  1. That meat sandwich looks like it's sticking its tongue at you daring to bite it. Kathy agrees that the peanut-butter is cheap and sustainable. It helped her save for a trip before we met.
    In cases of heavy rain is to drive slowly with your flashers on until such time you can't see the end of your hood.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. .....very true, both about the peanut butter and driving!!

  2. Welcome to Mexico! I know, a few hours early. But still...we'll get the tequila out...

    1. Kevin.....is it ever too early for tequila???

  3. Enjoy your trip and post lots of pictures. Bienvenidos a Mexico!

    1. Thanks Chris. We were hoping to meet you and Juan in Mazatlan but we missed you again!! Thanks for following along with us!

  4. Safety first! Pulling over when the conditions ate not to your liking is a good thing. That brown bread looks yummy!

    1. ...but what about that yummy huge jar of peanut butter, Peter??!!

  5. What....you are going to Mexico!?!? I was wondering why you weren't at work!! LOL! We are missing your smiling face and sunny disposition! Salud to crossing into Mexico!!

    1. You are funny Bobbi Jo....Keep Craig away from my computer will you!!! Miss you guys too but I don't miss the work!! Thanks for checking in!!

  6. Hi Nancy and Doug. Glad to see you are on the road again. Love following along with you. We will be in Mazatlan Jan. 23rd to Feb. 6th. Love you guys but hope you will be elsewhere in Mexico. You do seem to bring out the Rain Gods!!!! LOL Just kidding, hopefully we will meet up someday.

    1. Ha ha ha - very funny!!! But to be fair, we do seem to have that effect. You will remember because I think you followed us on our USA/Canada tour, right?? We will be here until about the 6th or 7th of Feb!!! Bring it on - NO, not the rain!!