Friday, 22 January 2016

Happy Birthday - Part 2

Birthday Day: Part Two......In the evening we headed off to the Plazuela Machado with Bill and Carol. Many thanks to them for driving us in there. Bill's friend Raphael sings in the square on Friday nights (from now on Saturday nights). As I have said before, we don't get out much in the evening so it is a real treat for us to see a city as beautiful as this, all dressed up in her evening finery with lights, etc.

There is a cell tower at the edge of this park. It seems
that some birds really like it - I think they might be a type of wild turkey...

They look like they are sitting up there waiting for something/one to die!!

They close off the road around the plaza and put all the extra tables out there....

Vendors of all sorts ring the outside of the plaza trying to sell their wares.

Almost full moon last night.

Raphael getting ready for his show.  
At break time these "break dancers" (no pun intended....) did a show.
They were pretty good too! They always pass the hat afterwards...
Randomly, in the parking garage, there is a partially done whales tail with
the artist quite proudly displaying his other works of art....
Anyway, that is it. It was a great day and I think Doug enjoyed it too!! My wish for him is an amazing year in 2016, filled with lots and lots of love from everyone!!!
Peace and goodnight.....

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