Monday, 12 April 2021

Not Been Away, that's for sure!

Wow, I've just got nothing to tell everyone. It's not that we don't enjoy ourselves with the little things but this waiting and waiting is getting "long in the tooth" if you know what I mean!

Let's see where we are......

We did go for a day-camping trip up to Golden Ears Park near the end of February.This was for part of Jasper's 6th birthday celebration. Like many kids, he didn't have the "normal" birthday party. Instead, he wanted to be able to roast hot dogs at the campground. That's what we did. (In case anyone is wondering, we are the "bubble" family together so it is fine for us to be together - lucky for us that's for sure.)

Best buddies...

Happy 6th birthday Jasper!!

It was amazing to see how many people were up at Golden Ears that were actually camping. It wasn't very warm but it could have been worse, that's for sure. I'm not sure what we were expecting but it wasn't to see so many folks up there. It was nice for BC Parks coffers.

After that I kept myself busy packing up and moving my Mom. She moved to an awesome active seniors living community and is loving it. Phew!!

So now we wait. Doug is due to retire at the end of this month (yippee) and he can't wait. We will stay in our condo for now as, like everyone else, we aren't sure what Covid has in store. Meanwhile we will begin a bit of work on Filmore (our motorhome), just some redecorating things. We unfortunately believe that our dreams of going to Tuktoyuktuk this summer have been dashed but we will just have to plan ahead for next year. We are hoping to at least be able work our way around BC's parks. Again, here's hoping.

Unwrapped and ready to go....where?

Almost looks like we are going somewhere.

Inventory time at the back of 
Doug's office, 10 minutes away from storage....

Got my vaccine on Saturday. Pretty happy about that. Doug gets his on Friday this week.

So, that's it. Hope you are all keeping healthy and safe. 

Peace out friends.

Thought for the DayBuddha says...The trouble is, you "think" you have time.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Time for a Party!

 February 17th, 2015 this little dude came into our lives.......Jasper Zane.

February 17, 2015 - Jasper Zane

It has been a whirlwind of awesomeness since then. I just watched a video when he turned 3 and his favourite animals were giraffes and he wants to be Gus when he grows up!!

He has a zest for life. His "crafting and artwork" have really scaled up and he loves to draw and colour. Somehow he has developed a unique talent for winning card games, Monopoly, Bingo, etc. There is no strategy involved just complete enthusiasm for what he is doing.

 Making up his own game.

Jasper has a huge heart. He definitely has his own ideas but is always willing to compromise, especially when it comes to negotiating with Gus. It's hard to imagine any two brothers that are more best friends than these two. Still he remains my sea glass finder and worm hunter (so Grandma can save it) extraordinaire. He is excelling at trail bike riding and we are looking forward to seeing what camping season brings. He loves to get his hugs from us and we, of course, love that!

In case you are wondering, giraffes WERE his favourite at three years old but now that has definitely been taken over by kitties.......

He is kind, sweet and cares for others and their feelings. What a great little dude!!

Best friends.


Jasper, we L-O-V-E you SO much. Never lose your style, your enthusiasm, your zest.

Peace out friends.

Thought for the day:  "How do you spell L-O-V-E Piglet asked Pooh. You don't spell it Piglet, you F-E-E-L it....... 

Friday, 8 January 2021

West Coast Winter - So Far!

Here on the West Coast of Canada we are fortunate to not receive the same gnarly, cold weather the rest of Canada gets. That doesn't mean that it won't snow at some point but it usually only lasts a short time and normally within 24 hours of snowing it rains. Not that many years ago, the "Lower Mainland" area of Vancouver/Fraser Valley went 1,000 days without snow. Oh, it fell on our mountains but not "in town". Now, that is my kind of winter. If I want snow, I will drive to it. It doesn't have to come to me!! are some pictures from my "winter" walk on Wednesday. So far, so good and hey, there are only 71 days left until spring!!

Bakerview Park

Remnants of a by-gone era of logging in this area with visible 
springboard holes in the trees. 
I wonder what it must have looked like here with no condos or houses?

YES!!! My first dandelion (insert" favourite flower" here)

So, there you have it. My first week of retirement under my belt. It does feel strange, especially when Doug goes to work until the end of April. Don't worry, he has his "countdown clock" going too! We, of course, are supposed to head north in mid-May'ish but we'll see how that plan goes.

Peace out friends.

Thought for the DayIt's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see...Henry David Thoreau.