Thursday, 31 January 2019

2019 - January

So here we go for another fun-filled year. Again, you will see a few gaps in postings as we are mired in work and working our way through winter but I promise not to let it go so long!! Gosh, I can just hear you all cheeering......ha ha!

Doug's birthday January 22nd....He's a young 66!!
At this age, one has to have help blowing out the candles!!
(Did anyone notice the tequila bottle on the table.....shhh)

Then came one day after work that the Flex (Doc Hudson) would not start. 
Thank goodness for BCAA. They came to the rescue. 
Turned out to be a fuel pump sensor. Sheesh.

A trip to North Vancouver and Great Grandma Dyne's place. 
View from the rooftop gardens.

Even a fire pit up there!!!

Checking in with Rudy in the Koots.

So remember Gus did not have his proper birthday party with friends? So here it is. Josh & Kathy had the people from Urban Safari (formerly Rain Forest Reptile Refuge) come by. They do an awesome presentation with bugs, snakes, reptiles, etc. Very educational and fun for the kids. Just like being in school. The money they charge goes directly to support the refuge. They are located in Surrey BC. They made it very fun and I know the kids really enjoyed it as did all the adults. My face was sore from smiling so much!! 

Gus and a stick bug.

A python skin. This skin was confiscated at the airport when someone tried to bring it in illegally. It was donated to the refuge. Very useful teaching item. It is estimated that this python would have weighed 500 lbs. You can still see the bullet hole in it's head.

Josh with Rosie the tarantula.

It looks like Jasper has fainted in the background!!

Gorgeous.....oh, nice shirt Josh!

All the reptiles have names. I just couldn't remember them all.

Being the birthday boy, Gus got to have the small python on his shoulders.
Notice that the lady never actually lets go of it's head or tail....phew!

Mr. Snow Bunny!!!

So with this all said, January is over. We were out for a walk with the boys one afternoon and spied one lone crocus peaking it's head out of some grass. Wonderful, a perfect opportunity for a foot shot!!!

Surely spring can't be that far off, especially on the mild West Coast!!

There we go, as promised, January is in the record books. Hope you have all had a good first month of 2019. See you soon enough with February happenings!! 


Thought for the DayMemories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others. Rosa Parks