Tuesday, 17 February 2015


.....a new little brother for Gus!!!!!!!

Just another one of the reasons that we had decided to stay put this winter and we think it is a pretty great reason!!

Jasper Zane Beglaw, 7lbs-11oz, made his arrival on Tuesday, Feb 17th at 3:13 pm. Mommy and Jasper are doing great . Daddy and Gus are thrilled!!

We will just let the next few pictures tell the story. More pictures in the upcoming weeks!!

Hey, is THAT little guy my brother?
Good thing I brought a gift for him!! 

There is something you cannot describe,
seeing your son with his sons....
A first kiss from big brother Gus.

Just like I said to Gus a few years ago. It's still relevant...

...I have loved you for a thousand years,
I'll love you for a thousand more...
Welcome to the world our little Jasper-We Love you!!
I know I used this recently but I think this sums things up quite nicely:
Thought for the Day: "How do you spell love" asked Piglet. "You don't spell it, you feel it" said Pooh.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Mainland Time

We have spent this past week helping out at Josh, Kathy & Gus' house. They were redoing some countertops in their kitchen and needed some help. I helped very little with that but Gus and I had fun while the rest were busy!!

Monday: I had a great time at one of the local parks and recreation programs that Gus goes to. Take a look.....

Arts & crafts time......

Sometimes there just aren't enough sparkles in the bowl.

Block building time.....

Just how is it that Grandma wears these things anyway??

Yup, that's about right!!
A special storybook from special people in Nova Scotia....
Tuesday: While Josh & Doug got started on the countertop job, Gus & I headed off to Great Grandma Nadyne's in North Vancouver for a visit.
Showing Grandma Great how to really rock the house!!
First half of the kitchen is done!! Good job men!!
Wednesday/Thursday: The challenges of installing new laminate over existing laminate are many. Lots of hours were put into making the transition.....  
Is he stuck??
Thank goodness extra hired help has arrived!!!

Hold it....I see the problem Grandpa!!
Thank goodness for break time!!!
....and it's looking pretty damn good!! Now, just installing those last
doors and tile the backsplash!! Hey Josh, where are you?
(PS - Thanks to Mary for gently pointing out the "issue" with the taps!! All fixed!!)

Just "who" said again that you couldn't laminate
over an existing laminate countertop?? Great job!!
Time to go!!!!
Friday: So, with that job done, we were back on the ferry to Nanaimo for a short spell. See you all soon!! 
Thanks for checking in with us, even though we aren't travelling afar. We appreciate everyone taking the time for us!!
Thought for the Day: Good people bring out the good in people...

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Phoenix AZ to Vcr BC

Well, a little late is better than not at all, right?

We had a great time in Phoenix. The weather "could have" been a bit better but the time spent with Don & Di was so much fun. Even a little rain couldn't dampen our spirits.

Our flights down and back were on Allegiant and they were a good airline. Courteous, informative and organized. We would definitely fly with them again.

Interesting loading the old fashioned way in
both Phoenix and Bellingham.

Bye Phoenix!!

Coming in over the San Juan Islands, Washington.

Hello Bellingham and near home again!! 
So, we had a great time in Phoenix. We just wished we could have not had the 2 days of rain!! Still, a great time!!
Thought for the Day: You don't HAVE to do this. You GET to do this.