Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Day 19 - Mazatlan

Cruised the town today. Bill was looking for some tiles. always interesting to see different parts of the city that we wouldn't normally see.

Just good, old regular neighbourhoods. A lovely mix of business
and homes......the best.

Aren't these fancy, schmancy, Grecian looking bathroom fixtures?

Cruising the town, Mexican style!

On the way back we stopped in at a really great "pottery" store. This is the pottery that comes shipped from Dolores Hidalgo, a town in Mexico we hope to see next year. Very famous for their pottery. We could have spent all day and our meagre family fortune in here!
The store is filled with not only Calavera Catrina ladies and gents but frogs, donkeys, etc, in all shapes and sizes. Some seemed to be nearly life-size. 

Some history, according to Wikipedia....

La Calavera Catrina ('Dapper Skeleton', 'Elegant Skull') is a 1910–1913 zinc etching by famous Mexican printmaker, cartoon illustrator and lithographer , Jose Guadalupe Posada. The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time. Her chapeau en attende is related to European styles of the early 20th century. She is offered as a satirical portrait of those Mexican natives who, Posada felt, were aspiring to adopt European aristocratic traditions in the pre-revolutionary era. She in particular has become an icon of the Mexican Día de muertos, or Day of the Dead.
Anyway, tons and tons of spectacular representations of Calavera Catrina styles here and a HUGE amount of other things. Hint: leave your wallet in the car/at home!!
This one was at least 4 feet tall....
This frog was about 2 feet across.

Quite problematic for Doug. He spotted these. I have wanted a cow skull with
horns (guess that's a bull skull) for a long time now. Well these are pottery ones
with beautiful paintings (sorry it's blurry). We are coming back at the
end of our trip when we are headed home to buy one (as promised by said husband).
No, I do not know where I will put it on the drive home....maybe in the front seat!
But this is the masterpiece. A bull fighting scene.....About 2 feet in diameter and about 18 inches high. Spectacular details and the following pictures do not do it justice. It was just amazing. Can be yours for $12,000 ps ($919.32 Cdn).YIKES!!! 

It is shown sitting on a glass shelf with another
piece of pottery underneath the shelf.

Notice some of the figurines are holding beer bottles?

Fun day all around. A 17 vehicle caravan pulled in today. I am sure that makes the owner here VERY happy!! They are here until Saturday when some of them complete their tour and head north and some stay on and head inland a ways. Same caravan that Kevin & Ruth will lead from Guanajuato back to Melaque in February - small world indeed!! Two of the people in it are folks that we met in Oasis Palms RV Park in California at the beginning of the month so it was fun to see them both again. One is from Nevada and one is from Salt Spring Island!! 
Peace and goodnight everyone (....only two more sleeps!!)
Thought for the Day: When I see lovers’ names carved in a tree, I don’t think it’s cute, I just think it’s strange how many people take knives on a date....



  1. We also love the pottery, but how do you get it home?? Some stores in Dolores Hidalgo will ship world wide... Another mighty fine post.

    1. Thus the reason you choose "little" pieces!! Thanks, glad you like the post!!