Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Amado AZ to San Carlos, SON, MX (475 Kms/275 miles)

Well, we finally did it!! What a great day it was. We left Amado AZ about 8:15 am, filled up with gas near Nogales and hit the border at about 9:00 am. Pretty good record for us.


Well, this has to be a good sign, doesn't it?
Once you go past the small guard house, they normally don't even stop you
and you head right on down the toll road to the "Km 21" Tourist check-in spot.
This is where you get your tourist VISA and your vehicle permit.... 
Yes, it is raining - again......
We went through a customs check-point just after here. It is the same system as at an airport. Some cars get the green light and others get the red light. 
This time we got the green light!
Then it was a stop here at the Tourist office at Km 21
We were done and on our way by 10:00 a.m.


Sorry, dashboard reflections - in the sun!! IMAGINE!!



Road snacks - thanks Mom Tamas!!

Just coming into Hermosillo. Very big, busy city.


Everything a person thinks they need. Including a KFC, McDonald's and Carl's Jr.

However, this is kickin' it old style Mexico way and we love it.
We couldn't stop here but this is the type of place that we like to visit. Next town hopefully. Man, you could smell this BBQ goodness right through the window of Euri!!

Leaving Hermosillo - Sorry again for the poor pictures.
Not much you can do when you are on the move!!

Just cleaning up the store front - with a little tiny broom!!!
And voila - about 3:30 pm we pulled into Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos. It is just off the Mex 15 and super easy to get to. We have been here 3 times previous and it was never very busy but this time it is packed!!
Sorry to everyone currently scraping snow or mush off their cars.
Hopefully, you won't all still hate us by the time we get home!!

Only about 30 minutes from San Carlos....
We heard that the roads were in a bit of bad repair but, honestly, we didn't find them bad at all. Having just come through southern California where we thought the highways were terrible, we felt like this was a breath of fresh air!! Some spots weren't so good, but overall, we thought it was just fine. Might be because we have a little van, not a big Class A, trying to manoeuvre our way through  this type of area. Good reason for having a "little rig", huh?
.....and we are here!!

Pool is pretty much what one would call "ice-cold".
Maybe on our way back it will have warmed up.

All set up, comfy for two days here..... 
Treated ourselves to dinner next door. Joseph, the park owner, always says "tell them you are at Totonaka and they will give you a free margarita".  Well, we did so and the waiter told us they were "out" of tequila. I thought Doug would up and leave!! Anyway, without further ado, he sent one of his guys down the road on the scooter to the local liquor store and he came back with a bottle of tequila. These arrived and yes indeed, they were free! Wow!! 
Most important though, this toast is dedicated to our good friend, Al Unrau.
Keep up the tough fight buddy!! Cancer picked the wrong guy to mess with and we will see you when we get back for some of that unopened tequila of yours!!!
Colleen, keep him on the right track and don't take any of his
nagging - he can't open that tequila until we get back.
Good night everyone from San Carlos!!
Tomorrow we expect a lazy day with some possibility of sleeping in (....sorry Josh, Kathy, Cindy, Bruce, Don, Susann, Bobbi Jo...and anyone else I missed!)
Enjoyed having you all riding along with us today......goodnight Gus and Jasper!!
Thought for the Day: Don’t aspire to be the best ON the team. Be the best FOR the team. 


  1. Nice to see you back in Mexico. Always love following your adventures.

  2. Glad you're all tucked away safe and enjoying where you are.

    It's about time.

  3. Yeah you are in the land of the sun! Welcome. We didn't find the roads bad at all because we drive slow and keep an eye out for the odd pot hole. Many here drive fast and have the rig damage to prove it. Take your time, enjoy the ambiance and we will see you when we do.

  4. muchas-gracias-mi-amigos, the tequila bottle will not be opened until you get back and I will definitely be ready. Salud.

    1. Yes, you will be our friend!!! Keep smilin'!!!