Thursday, 25 February 2016

Melaque (Day 19)

......and so it is done (for this year anyway).

Spent most of the day sorting through the mountain of "stuff" and "debris"  that collects when one is parked for 3 weeks. It isn't that bad but just requires some time spent on the task. All done.....

We rode into town today to say one last good-bye for the year to the town of Melaque. Just to be straight, we are actually staying in Obregon not Melaque but I have come to call this area Melaque which is "technically" incorrect. It would seem counter productive at this point to go back on 19 blog posts and change the name to Obregon so I won't. Much of our time was spent wandering and shopping in the proper little hamlet of Melaque and it is very hard to figure out where the dividing line is. Funny story though, remember the other night when we went to the placing of the stone at the church? Well, our friends here had said that the ceremony was at the "main square" so of course we headed up to what we thought was the "main square". Turns out that the main square that we visited at night was the main square for Melaque. The main square for Obregon was just up the street from us. We have ridden by it 100 times but there is NEVER anything happening at it so we just thought it was an "extra" square. Okay, enough with that. I don't think I have ever used the word square SO many times in one paragraph get my drift. The two little towns are pretty inseparable and lovely.

This morning Mr. Handsome was getting all frisky and friendly and even ran across the campground either playing with or trying to kill another iguana...I would suggest the latter. Doug got a pretty good picture of him (minus some of his head) but then you have seen his head before so it is a bit over-rated!

I know, right....he looks a bit well fed, don't you think?

Looking out the van door....
One more trip into Melaque for a limonada.

I don't know what this driver was thinking. Funny thing is that there was plenty of room on the other side. This was right across the street from where we were sitting. The mirrors, by some miracle missed each other but I am not sure how the driver of the
mini van will feel when he arrives back at his vehicle.
Doug has a foldable basket on the rat-trap of his bike so when we go shopping,
his bike is the "trunk" when it comes to transporting groceries home. I carry some light things in my bag sometimes, but he gets the important stuff. Like for example, the booze!! Here he carried six beer, six Strongbow, two litres of wine, oh, and
one litre of milk. How did THAT get in there? 

One last shot of Irma's dogs. Brandon the Rottweiler and Vasolina
(like after the movie name "Grease"). She is a terrier type and pretty
much tells Brandon how high to jump....
We took the bus into Barra de Navidad with Dave and Karin tonight and went to one of their recommended restaurants, Marlena's. Super nice spot and what a great view.
We have had a great time getting to know Karin & Dave.
They are from Kamloops BC. During the summer season, they manage a
fishing lodge at Loon Lake up by Cache Creek. Thank you both for the fun and
we will look forward to seeing you up there this summer!
Check out the website for Evergreen Fishing Resort at 
Pretty nice sunset tonight.....
Wow, that's a wrap from OBREGON for us. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and look forward to coming back to Irma's next year. Villa Xochipilli is just our kind of place. Those 19 days went by pretty fast, that's for sure.
For everyone who has sent Doug their speedy get well wishes, we are happy to report that, although, still not 100% he is definitely on the road to recovery. Still suffers from a fair amount of rib pain but it will just take time to heal. Thanks for all your kind wishes!!
Tomorrow, as I mentioned, we are on the way, direct to Valle de Juarez. It only takes about 4 hours to get there so it will be an easy travel day. But here's the kicker.....there is NO internet at Chema's campground where we are staying. Now for family there is, of course, phone service so we are still available (like normal) through phone calls or texting. Might be that we saunter into town with the laptops to do a catch up post, not sure. If you don't see me on here for a few days, I will catch you all up on the time there when we get to our next stop which will be La Penita. We will be at La Penita on Tuesday.......until then! 
Peace and hope you all have a great upcoming weekend!! 
Thought for the Day: It’s never too late to be who you might have been…George Eliot

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Melaque (Day 18)

Tianguis day is here - my favourite day of the week!! Off we go......

Lovely array of fabrics....

Anyone want a movie or music??? 
Nice little veggie stand. However, Doug wondered about the randomness of
the toilet paper with the veggies and dried beans. Then we thought about it
and IF you think about it too, all those veggies and beans,
you will figure what we figured!!

It goes on for blocks. And interestingly enough, these
are regular little neighbourhood streets just like the ones I took
pictures of yesterday (like the one the baseball hat salesman was on).
Once these tarps come down (and the are artfully slung together) it
reverts back to regular little neighbourhoods.....
Just hung out here for the rest of the afternoon. Quite peaceful as you can see. I guess everyone was out by now (these were taken at 6 pm our time)......

Keep in mind, of course, that there has never been more
than two other people in the pool with us. 

Now, I have to admit, I took our new camera IN the pool.
This is Irma's (the owner) house.....

Cindy and Bruce: we are certainly putting our mugs to
good use, even if not for hot beverages right now!!

Yup, rush hour in the pool.
Remember, I said there was LOTS of room....
And that is a wrap for today. We are feeling a bit sad as tomorrow is our last full day here. We will spend some of the day tomorrow getting things shook back into place in Euri. He has been parked for quite awhile, hasn't he?? 
We are excited to head off on another leg of our trip. Valle de Juarez, here we come!! We know many of you will recognize the things there as we have spent quite a bit of time in that fine little town....can't wait!! 
Peace and goodnight everyone!
Thought for the Day: Sometimes the questions are difficult but the answers are simple.....Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Melaque (Day 17)

....okay, only one of you noticed that there was no "Day 14".....congratulations to Don, Doug's brother for spotting that. Your prize is yet to be determined.

We headed out for a walk today. Mainly to see how Doug's ribcage was going to hold up. Must say, he did pretty good although the walking on the sand at the beach part was tough. This beach is at a fairly good slope but I thought he managed quite well!

It only takes about 10 minutes to walk to the beach from here at Villa Xochipilli. We passed by this municipal policeman, enjoying the view from his "officina" under the umbrella.

Looking towards Barra de Navidad where we were the other day.
The camera cannot quite get the effect of the slope, no matter how I try.

This one shows it quite a bit better but it gets worse,
the closer to Melaque you get. 

Practicing by zigzag running in case I happen upon the crocodile.
(Actually, that is pretty much how I walk all the time. Ask my family!)  

Panoramas are difficult when there is wave action but you
get the idea of the bay. Barra on the left and Melaque on the right.
We have spoken to a number of people who suggested (strongly) that we NOT walk the beach down to Barra, even though it would only take about 35 minutes. Main reason is that since the hurricane, there is a ton of debris laying just under the sand's surface (especially that direction) that you can cut a foot on. Concrete, rebar, glass, bricks, etc. Guess we will be smart and heed that advice, right? Funnily enough too, the policeman told us he spotted the crocodile swimming just down from him in the ocean this morning. Just past the policeman's office is where the lagoon empties into the ocean. Ha ha ha - another reason to not walk that way......
Anyway, on we trudged.....

We sat right beside this white and purple building the other night, enjoying the
sunset with Paula & Jerry. Who could forget the basket buying???
Hey, there's my basket guy!!! Awkward as these are to carry, isn't
it better that he didn't pick those rugs to sell??!!

This one's for Al - they moved!!

Lots of storm damage still I guess....

In my opinion, when you are visiting another country, this is the
way your home country's flag should be displayed...proper etiquette.
After this we were back by the main area of town. We had a little snack and a limonada and then walked back, going through town instead of on the beach. Hope you have all had your drinks of water because its a dusty walk back to Villa Xochipilli
No reason other than I like Frida Kahlo.....oh, and I own the camera!

Behind this fence is the cutest house. My favourite in town.....

Cute little primary school. Strangely enough, we walked by here the other
day and the ice cream man was hanging out the front.....coincidence??

Customary dogs on the roof......

Fairly self-explanatory

Out of the smallest crack, something beautiful grows.....

Baseball hat salesman...we go a ways down this road and then
turn towards the right to get home.

Interesting and ornate doors....

A tiny yard across from a furniture maker. Looks like reclaimed lumber.
Beautiful...looked like cedar.

A tortilleria shop being fixed or serviced.
Spotlessly clean....

...and their get-away delivery vehicle.
Cool metal front door with a cello player.....

That was a long and dusty walk back but as you can see, pretty interesting. We always enjoy this type of thing.
Well, well, look who came down off the big roof beside us, Mr. Handsome. I think he wanted some of those yellow petals for a snack.....check out those claws!!!
We headed out to observe the dedication of a new church (or school attached to the church) just up the road here in Oregon. I pointed us in a bit of a wrong direction but we eventually found it. It was quite interesting. It seems that there was lots of fund raising (on-going) and it will be interesting to come back next year and see how it is doing. But first, our little happy hour by the pool.....

Customary donkey tied up at someone's house....

Not so customary peacock on someone's roof.
Guess they were tired of dogs on their roof.

I guess this is either this dog's pimped up yard or
something special is going to happen here....

They just brought the pews from this little wee church
out onto the street and et up the stage. Thankfully, not a "permit" in site.
Unlike what would happen in Canada.
Every church gathering needs the cotton candy lady ready to go!!

Back to the purple ribbon....where is that dog anyway??

Anyway, purple ribbon cut and little congregation in the yard
where I believe a new church (or school) will be started.

Back wall of church. Notice the brick work is all open?
Crazy things you can do when the weather is warm all year round!

Current inside of said wee church.....

Back to Tacos Pachita for dinner again.
$86 ps for 9 tacos and two pina waters....might be our new favourite!
Anyway, that was an enjoyable day. Hopefully we did not make Doug work too hard with his walking. Tomorrow is the tianguis and it will be our last one here for this year. Friday we make our way towards Valle de Juarez, about 4 hours east of here.

Peace everyone. Time to wash the dust off!!

Thought for the Day: Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.