Thursday, 7 January 2016

San Carlos (Day 2)

Not much to say today as we just stayed put and loved it. Nice to soak up some sun and warmth. Took a walk into town, which isn't far but a nice walk in the sun, probably a couple of miles altogether.

Started out the day with coffee in the sun.....

We have had a few challenges at this park this time around. First of all, there is a problem with a well nearby and the city works folks are, apparently, working on it. This happened a few days ago as well and there was no water for 4 days!! Now, for people in the park with self-contained rigs (about 99%) it isn't much of a problem. They just use their water on board and they have their bathrooms. But for us, it is a big problem!! Last night was the typical evening of "I think I will shower now" and there was nearly zero water to be had. Got the job done but pretty much would have had more water by squeezing a chihuahua over my head! Not better this morning and now (afternoon/evening) the bathroom near us is closed and we have to trek to the other side of the park. A bit of a bummer as it has never been like this before. Oh well, we are leaving tomorrow anyway. Also, the internet is non-existent in the park anywhere except the clubhouse, despite Joseph (the owner) giving us a random selection of 4 different codes for the whole park. Ah is a nice park and is a good place to stay in a good long as you are self-contained! Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

Enjoy the pictures!!

When you walk out of the park, cross the road and look back, this is what you see.
That large palapa is where we had dinner last night, upstairs.....

Looking down the small highway towards town....

Beach and Sea of Cortez, just across the street.


Stopped in at the local Ley's supermarket and was happy to see that
there was plenty of yogurt drinks for Gus!!!



It's a "long and blinding road" to a tan, let me tell you!!
Sorry for the white feet, but a foot shot you now have for your collection!!
So, we are out of here tomorrow. Likely we will get to Culiacan tomorrow, which is more than half way to Mazatlan. I am more than certain we will have to take a hotel as there does not seem to be any campgrounds we can go to. Should only cost us about $60 so we will be okay with that.......
Peace and good night everyone!!

Thought for the DayWe cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them....Albert Einstein


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  1. Is that campground connected to our apartment building? Our water was turned off too.
    Good luck on the foot tan! Mine is almost totally faded.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.