Thursday, 14 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 6)

Sunshine to report here today!! Sorry, not much else though - I know, we suck, right?

Well, the only other new thing is that I sort of tripped, coming out of the van and dropped my computer. The battery stayed in my hand (how  "handy" was that) but the rest of the computer hit the edge of the patio. (Don.....please send Ron down here immediately!!) Cracked a piece on the back, near the hinge but in the middle. Doug "thinks" it will be okay if we are careful - my hand will eventually recover too.........

This morning we walked over to the Torres Inter'l Hotel (time share)
for breakfast with the Sirimarcos, Such a nice place. So nice in fact, that I
forgot to take any pictures inside the patio but here are the gardens!!

Apparently, these berries on this bush are called "King's Balls" 
They are about 1-1/2" in diameter. We will leave it at that....

Never did get back to the beach. Doug proceeded to take apart the front dash of the van so he could replace the cig lighter/12 volt power outlet. Of course, it ALWAYS entails much more than a person figures. Half the front dash, glove box, etc. had to come out!! Many hours later he has it fixed - he thinks!! 

Oh, it gets worse.....

Looks like fun, huh?

Josh, those gear ties you gave Dad came in very handy.....

Meanwhile, besides falling out of the van and nearly
wrecking the computer - this is what I did....

...and yes, he is still at it!!

Such a liar I am as we STILL have no sunset pictures. Sooner or later I will get over there.

Peace and good night - Love to the moon and back to our little boys!!!

Thought for the Day: "Don't be a clutz" OR don't wear your reading glasses when trying to get out of the van....

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