Sunday, 10 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 2)

Nice to have our feet planted here for the next three weeks, that's for sure! We just enjoyed a day of doing nothing. Slept in (surprize), Skyped with family enjoyed a long walk on the beach and a long walk back to the campground via the sidewalk!! The beach was definitely nicer!!

Hanging here tomorrow with no further plans. Doug really wants to wash some of the road dirt off Euri (most of it ,compliments of Cuidad Obregon!!) and I plan on doing the boring job of wash. Seems weird that it follows us everywhere we go!!

Little snippet of today - not much else to offer up!! I promise not to be so lazy everyday!!

What a neat looking character - maybe a catydid??
Happy to hang out on the handle of my bike for quite a bit today.


Got the awning out, must be warm!!
I am sure you have all gone out and bought your tickets for the big US Power Ball lottery, right?? $1.2 BILLION?? Seriously???? Most corporations can't handle that kind of money. I am pretty sure if one individual wins it, it will be the ruination of them for sure.
Remember, we do not have internet at our site. We have to walk down to the clubhouse with the computers. This may (....or may not) result in a less-than-timely answer to any emails or comments on the blog. We are down here two to three times per day, depending on what we are doing. Never fear - we are never far away and will get back to anyone as fast as we can. Plus, our phone works just like normal!!
If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it's just because I did not want to bore you with the details of van and clothes washing - you're welcome!!! Coming up soon is our first trip into the market in town - should be fun but won't be until at least Tuesday.........
Peace and goodnight (Gus & you to the moon and back.)

Thought for the Day: Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.



  1. Looks like the awning isn't doing much good at that time of day.

    I would like to give it the old college try with the $1.2B. Unfortunately, we can't win since we don't buy lottery tickets!

  2. Better to have 1000, $1,000,000.00 prizes! Last year a man in Italy won €1.5 million. He feared for his life...

    As for me, I would like to see a detailed post on car and laundry washing. ;-)

    Cheers, Peter.