Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Happy Birthday from Mazatlan (Day 4)

Exceptional lady married our son. Her name is...... "Gus and Jasper's Mom".....ooppps!! I mean, rather, our daughter-in-law, Kathy.

We love her to bits and it is her birthday today. Seems we are rarely there to help celebrate. I mean, who is going to get my corner piece of birthday cake, the one with all the icing and the specially applied sprinkles thanks to Gus??? Anyway, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, our beautiful "daughter", Kathy.

We love you tons and hope your boys treated you like royalty today!!

Well, here is about half of her face anyway!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
We are getting a bit lazy I know but we stayed around today again. Maybe tomorrow we will head into town, who knows? Well, we did go for a walk for about an hour. Down past some of the time share and hotels. One poor sales guy, Pedro, was VERY diligent in trying to get us to stop and must have followed us for a good block. Gotta give him top marks for his effort anyway!
Interesting talk today with a couple who have been travelling Mexico and South America since the 70's, Bill & Carol Sirimarco. They originally took their motorhome down to Argentina from the US with 4 of their 5 kids and an extra friend. Wow, 7 people in a motorhome. They have the most amazing stories and were kind enough to give us a copy of their book. Doug and I are currently fighting over who gets to read it first. They have forgotten more about travelling in Mexico than we will, unfortunately, ever know. We are hoping for a few more sit-downs with them to try and pick their brains. Fascinating and fun people to talk to. Thanks to them for taking the time to chat!!! 
Check out their travels at http://lifeinbrowncounty.blogspot.com
Out on our walk today, Doug noticed this fellow out painting.....
.....while dangling and using his cell phone!!! 

Anyway, it was a nice day here, about 25 degrees C. Sorry in advance to all our family and friends back home. We are trying our best to soak up the sun for you all!! Don't hate us too much!!
Peace and goodnight to everyone!!!
Thought for the Day: Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.


  1. We have never met Bill and Carol. Perhaps on our way north up the coast in March.

    Why not do a time share presentation? It would probably pay for your week there, and you've apparently got a couple of hours to spare.


  2. We are friends with Bill and Carol and recently spent 3 weeks in Mazatlan with them over the holidays. We are hoping to see them again before we head back north in March.

  3. Kevin - Time share presentations??? NO thanks. No matter how much time I have to waste. I'd rather do laundry!!
    Jackie - We have really been enjoying Carol & Bill. We may have picked their brains a little too much and not be welcome back to hang out with them next time. They are a wonderful wealth of information for sure!!