Saturday, 30 January 2016

Day 1 - The Riu

Okay - finally a different title!!

The lobby at the Riu has unlimited internet but only in the lobby is it free. I think you can arrange for it in your room but it is quite expensive, $190 ps ($14.66 Cdn) per day. No thanks!! We will come down to the lobby and do our computer time.

So, sorry to be a day late but there was just far too much fun happening with everyone arriving at the Riu (including us)!! Pretty fair sized resort. Very clean and the rooms are really nice. Of course, after nearly a month living in Euri, anything looks HUGE to us!!
We will have an action packed week of visiting and enjoying the warmth and sand and sea. Love the beach! We are here from Jan 29th to Feb 5th…..

I will leave you with these few photos of Friday’s hanging out and Saturday beach and fun times!!
We found a beach and Gus is already digging!!
All my boys, in one picture.....perfect.
Auntie Dayle and her trusty sidekick, Jasper. 
Me and "one" of my sidekicks!
Yes, this is another big one! 
...and the littlest one, Jasper - learning to stand and walk.
Kathy and me - love this girl!
Nice rooms and great views west.....
Ah yes, the ankle story. When Doug and I first arrived, we were just walking down some stairs and I, stupidly, looked up just as I came to the bottom of the stairs. Don't do that, it's funny how when you miss that last step, it's a long way to the ground. Likely a sprain. the nurse of the group, Miss Dayle told me to get ice on it and I did. Kinda sore.....
Peace everyone and have a great day. See you tomorrow!! 
Thought for Day:  You're off to great places, Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way....Dr. Seuss


  1. Great pics and so nice to have the family there sharing some of this wonderful Mexican sunshine with you both. Love those grandkids of yours, they are just too cute.

    And, a beautiful sunset to end a perfect day, well almost perfect! Hope that foot is feeling better real quick.

  2. Sorry about your foot. Hope it heals quickly. Love the hotel pics. Miss it so much, love the Riu and lucky for you, hardly any steps. They also must have changed internet rules as before you only got to use it for an hour a day for free. Have fun.