Monday, 17 February 2020

Five Years Old, Really??

I am not sure how the time has passed so fast but our beautiful little Jasper is 5 years old. Really? I know......

He shines inside and out and is gloriously free of inhibition. There doesn't seem to be many things on this earth he doesn't like especially if it involves anything with his favourite person, big brother Gus. Oh, he loves his Momma and Dad but Gus, that's his main dude. From waking in the morning to his little long-haired blond head on the pillow at night, his zest for life is contagious. Gloriously free, that's Jasper, truly. From our "National Kiwi dance in the living room day" (....don't worry Grandma, in two years it is National Avocado Dance day") to his new found love of crafts, life will NEVER be dull and uneventful with Jasper by your side. There has never been another who has loved his stuffies as much as he. Everyone has a name, they all get to celebrate their birthdays (....thanks to Grandma Mel for making countless birthday cakes for countless stuffies). Most of them are grey cats, still others have managed to steal a little piece of his heart, Big Hand the sloth, Perry the platypus, Hank the octopus just to name a few. 

A beautiful heart and soul. Your kindness abounds and it is completely infectious to those around you. You are my dandelion hunter, rock gatherer, shell and sea glass finder extraordinaire and my never, ever leave an unattended worm on the sidewalk to face certain peril partner. 

Jasper, Grandpa and I hope you ALWAYS stay just like this. We love you SO much.


Peace out friends.

This quote never gets old for me.........especially when it comes to our grandsons.

Thought for the Day"What if I fall? Oh, but my love, what if you fly?"