Monday, 18 January 2016

Mazatlan (Day 10)

....I know, I need a new title. I'll try and come up with something snappy. But, how do you like the new header picture??!!

Some frustrations trying to get laundry done today. We are now sitting down at the "clubhouse/office" with the machines happily perking away (6:30 PM). I think this will be the new normal routine for me. Don't try and get them done during the day. Some people don't seem to know the etiquette of sharing the machines and it is amazing how one person can MONOPOLIZE them for the entire day!!!!! Ahemmm......Hard to imagine just how much dirty laundry one couple can have anyway!!

I digress.

Went out with Bill, Carol, Angelica (a local friend of theirs) to the rib joint a few miles up the road (down closer to where we used to stay). It is called Fat-Fish. I know. Doesn't sound like a rib speciality place but fantastic ribs (and other stuff)!! Really enjoyed our time out with everyone. Afterwards, Bill was kind enough to drive us to the local grocery store. We are looking for the elusive, high quality boxed wine here from California. Cheap and we think they have a rose we could enjoy. So far, no luck.

The pre-dinner drink of Sangria - YIKES, the bag is almost empty!!!
I know, looks like something a vampire would need, right??

There is always a kind of glow around Bill.......

Yes, most of it came home with me....Two meals like this for $199 ps (roughly
$18.00 Cdn). Now granted, Bill slipped the cook an extra $100 ps note to give us a nice
big portion (he is there a lot) but still, great meal for a great price...... 

Pretty basic set-up, right at the street entrance
but such yumminess comes out of here!!

And that's a wrap for today. Sorry not much exciting except the fantastic ribs and they were worth the wait!!!

Peace and good night everyone (hugs to our little boys!!!)

Thought for the Day: There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.


  1. Really like the new header.
    How could you let your Boxed Wine get so low?
    That plate of ribs looks yummy but like you it would do us a couple of meals.
    Like your Thought for the Day as well. We'll put it to good use next year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Dang those ribs look like reeeyubs! We buy the California wine in one litre boxes, by the case. The taxi drivers always smile at our wine haul. Crazy Gringos.

  3. I know!! We have bought the boxed wine down here before but we are having trouble finding the sangria or rose one!! Egads!!!!! We may have to resort to Squirt and tequila!!

    Yes, ribs were delicious!!