Thursday, 11 April 2013

San Miguel (Day 2)

Word of the Day: Pintoresco(a) (Pin-tor-es-co)
                             Picturesque (It will end in an "o" or "a" depending on whether or not
                             the article has a feminine or masculine designation.....  

This really is a very picturesque town. All cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture....and the doors!!! I love old doors. We were in a shop today that I am sure, had doors that were older than Canada! Just incredible.

Yup, these were around before Canada alright...
This is also the city of fountains and murals and because I like doors, I always notice door knockers, etc. Here are just a few samples. I am sure there will be more to come during our stay!!


 Beautiful hands....

Now, this is a knocker!!!
 Just an exquisite array of colours!!
Lots of people, lots of "well-heeled" people. Lots of artistic looking people. Pretty amazing, all in all. Of course with all this prosperity and tourism comes higher prices too!! We always like to brag about the cheap, regular prices of veggies in Valle. Well here it was a bit of a shock. 1 red onion, 2 limes, 1 tomato and 1 red pepper = $22 ps!! Yikes!! That might have gotten us a two bag haul from Martin, the veggie man, in Valle!! Oh well, such is the world of the popular tourist town!! Still, wonderful walking around.There are loads of building pictures here. sorry, don't mean to bore anyone, but I just need to show you as many as I can....(you can call "uncle" but it won't help....)

This part of the square looks across at the Templo de Parroquial, below....
(I believe I have the name correct, but I will check!!)
 This is the one I showed you last night, all lit up...

 Hard working hat/rug/bracelet salesman.... 
Beautiful, narrow streets.... 
This seems to be one of those cities that, everywhere, there is something to look at, to marvel at. We look forward to our week here. Hope you will also enjoy it with us!!
Tonight we got together with our friends for a great pot luck dinner . We sat out until well after dark. Mary-Pat, Renate, Mike, Terri, we can't tell you all how much we enjoy your company!! 
This last picture is for my brother, Mark. I hope you see this. There is a shop in town that has the MOST amazing wood pieces. Burls, living edge tables, some in the raw form. Just like the one being brought in on a truck below. It was absolutely massive and my picture does not do it justice, at all. It was beautiful!! I think this would go in your "cabin" perfectly, maybe you will just need a little addition to your dining room area!!
Everyone went to bed so we will too. Actually too full and to tired even for tea! Can you believe it!! Tomorrow is Friday. Don't worry, it is never lost on us how wonderful it feels to have the weekend approaching! (Yes, Josh, we know you work on Saturday, but Friday still feels pretty good, right? Besides, you can laugh at all those Monday morning groaners when you, Kathy & Gus get to sleep in, right Gus??) Speaking of which, we haven't had a new Gus picture for a bit, have we? Well, here you go....
 Mr. Giggles - apparently he really enjoys the out of doors!! That's good, because we are
sure he will be spending lots of time outside with Mommy and Daddy!!
I know, I am pretty shameless, aren't I?? Oh well, that's a Grandma's right I think!!
Cheers family and friends!!  Even though we are far away from you all, you are never far from our hearts!!


  1. Loving you pics, we think we may try San mIguel for 5 months in a rental. 22 pesos for that amount of veg is still cheaper than Vancouver BC.

  2. Well, it is a beautiful town for sure. Lots to see and do!! Hope you enjoy it, next year, I assume? I guess we have been spoiled with our veggie prices in Valle de Juarez!!