Tuesday, 23 April 2013

VdJ (Day 56): Dentist for Danna!!

Word of the Day: las gafas de sol

Here are some little fellows who do need those sunglasses! When I went outside and up to the main building this morning, they were all piled onto Neko's bed, basking in the sun. You might notice that one of the kitties is much smaller than the others. That's because she is from a different mommy cat. She is the only survivor of a litter of 5. She has discovered the "older cousins" and is now playing quite happily with them (and snuggling too!!) Her little face is about the size of an apricot but you should hear her hiss!!! She's gonna be a tough little thing!!

Danna and Bob headed to our dentist, Dr. Lissett Gomez. She is a delight and an extremely competent "specialist" dentist. Her speciality? Root canals. Now, isn't that handy, dandy because it turns out that Danna needed a root canal. She suspected this since she fell in Italy in October. Boy, did she ever come to the right place!!


I think she looks pretty comfy, don't you?
While she was busy with Dr. Lissett, Bob and I walked around the town square. We found this group of 8 fellows doing some construction work on a new place. Notice the bricks on the house on the left? They are all very old adobe bricks - yup, still standing after all those years!!


No fancy tools here. These guys were cutting wood with a chainsaw. Gently scoring it
and then doing a nice clean cut for some of the form pieces.
After Danna was done, Sal just happened to drive by and gave us a lift home. Bob and I rode in the back of the truck to the park, Mexican style!!!

 Hang on....

 Well, we couldn't make Danna ride back here with a newly finished root canal, could we?
Stayed put for the afternoon, did a few laps of the park and then proceeded straight from that to happy hour - no other stops along the way!! Just before dinner, we all walked over to feed Don Quioxte and Fiona. They were pretty happy to see us walking over and starting calling out to us from the next pasture. I would like to think that it was because they recognized us as "park people" but they probably didn't!! Nonetheless, they were happy anyway to get their fancy food and some nice food treats from us!!

Don Quioxte trying to peer over Fiona's back....
I know, not much to tell you, so I will close off with all of our favourites....a Gus picture!!Enjoy and see you all tomorrow!!
Just hanging out in my bumbo chair, helping Mommy make some cookies!!
(Imagine that, he's a Vancouver Whitecaps fan!!)
Cheers friends!!


  1. I was happy to see a picture of the kittens. Is the little one as friendly to people as the other three are? I sure do miss them.

    Happy to hear you are having a great time with your friends.


  2. Hey, Cinderella, little Gus is sure a cutie! What a hoot about his equipale chair!
    Love seeing all the little critters from HC on your blog. Keep 'em comin'! xo

  3. I miss all the kitties at Hacienda Contreras. Hope they all find good homes - or stay where they are and LIVE!
    Gus is adorable - can't wait to see him in his NEW chair!