Friday, 5 April 2013

VdJ (Day 47): Donkey run and lasagna

Word of the Day: Helado (el-a-doe)
                            Ice Cream

First things first.....the donkey run. Now, I know this sounds weird to all our friends up north but down here it seemed very normal. Barb & Sal decided to move Fiona and Don Quioxte across the highway and down one pasture from the RV park. They have another pasture that they can graze on for a few days. I hope they like it. But, what if they get lonely??  I know, once a city girl, always a city girl, huh?! It was funny to just walk down the highway (it wasn't busy.....) with the donkeys. I love those donkeys......

Sal and Doug, dragging their asses! I know, those jokes are old, but still.....
That's Barb and Joanne, ahead in the little watering truck...
Setting up a big watering bin for Don Quioxte and Fiona....
As I was trying to take an artful picture of this gnarly old cactus, a bunny bolted out from
under it. Yes, I screamed....guess nature photography is NOT in my future!!
Sometimes Fiona is a bit noisy so Don Quioxte has to "tune her up" with a little nip!!
Again, the day just rolls along and that was the excitement!! I made a Mexican lasagna for us and Hugh and Joanne and we enjoyed some time together up in the clubhouse room. So nice getting to know them and they live in Port Alberni. About 1 hour away from us!! Small world, indeed!!

Tomorrow is our favourite, tianguis (market) day. Really enjoying seeing all the vendors and enjoy the fact that some of them actually recognize us!! Guess we stand out, a bit!!

Thanks for sticking by us when we haven't got much to tell you about. When you are in one spot for a bit, life just works into a regular pattern and there isn't excitement every day!! We always try and come up with some "useless bits of information" to share and try and make you smile!!

Hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow!! Talk to you soon. (Yes, tea is all done!!)

Cheers friends!!


  1. Hola mi amiga:
    I'm finally ready to follow your blog. Mine is still in preparation; you can access it but it's not up to date. I'm LOVING San Miguel de Allende and hear you guys are going to be here just about the time we leave - Wednesday. We'll be heading to Guanajuato for another one week sojourn. Don't like to head back in any hurry!!! Was happy to read that Kevin and Ruth are now making their first visit to the beautiful state of New Mexico. Miss my daily Doug and Nancy fix!

    1. ...and we miss our Mary-Pat fix too!! That spot looks terribly empty now!!